15 April 2012

Week In Photos 082

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Late night DIY test // Small frame was too restricting! Hoping to do another with a larger frame // New addition to my photo frame wall - a card from Venice // Day 9 - Younger you - messy hair, giant head band, chubby cheeks and sitting by the bin! // Day 11 - Where you ate breakfast // Said breakfast // Day 12 - Stairs - from the garden, to my bedroom // Currently reading // Day 13 - Something you found // Day 14 - How you feel - currently hating my hair but too scared to go the hairdressers // Day 15 - Sunset - No good sunsets this week so here's one I took 2 years ago that's hanging on my wall. 

001 Had a bit of a nightmare trying to remove the disqus commenting system I added to the blog a few months ago. It's easy to remove but it means your comments are deleted. You can import the comments back into blogger but an error message kept on appearing when I tried to do so, so I gave up in the end.

It seems though that blogger have only allowed the reply function to blogs with the new layouts. I was using an old version so it wouldn't work which meant having to update to a new layout. Therefore basically having to start from scratch again with my layout. Hence why my layout is currently looking a bit odd! I'm still in the process of completing the sidebar information which I'm hoping to do tomorrow.


  1. Love that duvet! where's it from?

    offtobuttonmoon.blogspot.co.uk xoxo

    1. It's from Ikea, they have a white version too. I didn't check last time I was there but I'm pretty sure you can still buy it :) xx

    2. Oooh OK thanks, I'll check it out! x

  2. Sounds like you've been having a complete mare! I remember when I first removed disqus, my comments came over but it says that I wrote them! Looking back at old posts I look a little crazy!

    I love the DIY print! x

    1. haha I wonder why that happened?! I've only lost comments from a few months so it could have been worse :) xxx


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