Top 10 Nail Polishes

I've wanted to write a top 10 nail polish post for ages but I haven't been able to narrow it down at all. I was watching Lily's video  the other day and decided to rummage through my collection and see which ones I'd used most. After a few changes I finally picked out my top 10 along with my favourite base coat and top coat. I have NOTD's for most of them which I'll link to.

top 10 nail polishes 5
It's took me a long time to find my favourite base & top coats as the one's I'd previously used made my nail polish chip or peel off after a day. Orly's Bonder (base coat) and Polished (top coat) are the only one's that make my polish last longer. I have the mini's at the moment which you can buy from Boots but I'm planning on picking up the full sizes when I run out.

OPI Romeo And Joliet - This was my first OPI which I bought in JFK airport about 4 years ago and I still love it. It's the only polish I used at the time so I've actually finished it. You can still see the colour round the bottle but there's only a tiny bit in the bottom which is all gloopy and horrible. Still keeping the bottle though to remind myself to buy a new one so can't post a NOTD until I do so.
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OPI Extravagance - This is probably my favourite polish of all time, it's just so pretty! I'm quickly going through this mini bottle which I got in my Glossybox so I'm going to have to buy the full size. None of the photos in this post does it justice so go and have a look at my NOTD. It's such a unique polish and haven't got anything else like it in my collection.

OPI Merry Midnight - This polish looks great glossy or matte which I love. Again these photos don't do it any justice. It's packed full of glitter as well as different shapes and sizes flakies. This was limited edition but Orly does a very similar polish called Fowl Play.
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Eyeko Rain - I couldn't believe when Eyeko discontinued their polishes as they all had a great formula and lovely colours. I really hope they come out with polishes again but can see them being a lot more expensive. Think these were about £3. It's a lovely blueish grey with a very subtle shimmer to it. I love it so much I bought 2 back ups!

Models Own Beth's Blue - This is probably one of the only shades of blue I actually like in a polish. I think it works because it has a hint of purple to it.

Models Own Grace Green - This dirty green colour goes really well with my skin tone. It's one I gravitate towards when I'm not sure what colour to paint my nails.

Models Own Utpoia - There aren't many polishes I wear both on my nails and toes but this is one of them. It just works so well on both. It's what I hoped Essie's Topless & Barefoot would be.
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Barry M Limited Edition Shade For Boots - I'm not sure if this is still available but I really hope they make it a permanent shade. It's by far my favourite shade from Barry M and is another that just works really well with my skin tone.

Rimmel Disco Ball - This is my newest edition to my top 10 and actually the only glitter polish. It goes well with any colour polish. You can see it here on top of Models Own Peach Puff. The glitter goes on evenly as well which I seem to have a problem with using other glitters.

Nails Inc Atomic* - This is in my top 10 for the colour and not the actual polish. It's the bright orange that I love and another one I have is Leighton Deny's Do Me A Flavour. I only wear this on my toes as don't really like bright colours on my nails as you can probably guess from the other 9 polishes.
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What polishes are in your top 10?


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