Pin Board Wreath

I started to make a felt flower wreath last year but then the blog's tutorial I was following was deleted and I couldn't find one I liked as much. It was sort of forgotten about until I was having a spring clean and found some flower broaches which worked well with the colour of the wool and I pinned them on. The blue flower was actually on my sixth form prom dress.
pin board wreath 1 Over the weeks I've added a few more bits and bobs and decided to have it as a mini pin board. It's not going to hold a lot of things at one time but means I can switch things around more often as my mood changes.

When I was a teenager I always had a pin board up in my bedroom for photos and memories like gig tickets. I probably got rid of it about 3 or 4 years ago as it didn't suit the style of bedroom I have now.

At the moment I have the flower broaches, a bit of lucky lace that my cousin gave me for my 21st, my Hunger Games cinema ticket and a Tatty Divine broach they gave me when I was working one of their workshops. I also have my Cath Kidston mushroom to hold the pins.

It's so simple but I love how it looks. It brings a bit of personality to the otherwise blank wall. I'm hoping to hang a chalkboard picture frame in the space next to this at some point.

Have you done any crafty DIY's recently?
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  1. i love this! may have to try it for myself!

    i wish i could follow you as i really like your posts, but i can't seem to find the follow button? (its not at the top of my page where it usually is, could be my browser playing up, but just thought i'd mention it)

    lauren xo

    1. I don't have the nav bar at the top of the page but the google friend connect follow button should be in the sidebar above the blog post archive?

      I'm in the middle of sorting out my layout so it looks a bit messy! Let me know if it's not there :) xxx

    2. sorted! i'm new to blogger so didn't know you could follow blogs using the google friend connect button! schoolgirl error haha, apologies:)xxx

    3. No Problem :) Glad it wasn't because it wasn't showing up, don't know how I'd fix that! haha :) xxx


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