Frozen Yoghurt Drops

I was reading through the blogs I follow on google reader and this blog post popped up from Tracy (Shutterbean) making frozen yoghurt drops for her son. I love dessert and have a big sweet tooth so I thought these would be perfect to snack on the evening instead of chocolate, ice cream or cake.
They're incredibly easy to make! Pick out your favourite yoghurt, I went with blackcurrant and elder flower. Then simply pour some into a plastic bag, snip a little bit off the end and pipe into circles onto a tray. The yoghurt I used is quite runny so I didn't really need to squeeze the bag at all. Then pop the tray in the freezer for about an hour or two and they're ready to eat!

Next time I'm going to make them a bit small and try a thicker yoghurt and more flavours.


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