China Glaze For Audrey - NOTD

I got For Audrey for Christmas a couple of years ago but it's been sitting unused for a while now after the initial excitement wore off.

I have a few similar shades which I reach for before this one because I really don't like the brush and just find it hard to work with. It's quite long and really thin therefore more strokes are needed to coat the nail. I find it can then go a bit streaky if I'm not careful.

Surprisingly it makes my nails look much longer than they really are which I don't find too often. Only two coats are needed and leaves a really glossy finish.

Saying all that, it is the closest match to the Tiffany blue we all want to wear on our nails. Or at least it was a year or two ago! Have any brands released a better shade?


  1. That is a gorgeous shade. I have a couple of China Glaze polishes and have found that some of them have great brushes and some don't, which is odd?! x

    1. That is strange! Maybe I'll try a few more colours to see if they're better. I prefer thicker brushes like OPI :) xxx


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