ASOS Moustache Bracelet

asos moustache bracelet gold asos moustache bracelet silver

It's not often I buy jewelry as I just don't wear it. The only thing I wear every day and never take off is small gold heart necklace which I got for my 18th.

I wanted a simple bracelet which I could wear everyday and would go with any outfit and these moustache bracelets from ASOS were perfect. I got the idea after seeing an image on tumblr of a really dainty skull bracelet so these are my alternative. I used some paypal money so these were an absolute bargain although £6 to begin with is great.

I also loved the moustache watch from ASOS but it's sold out now! Hoping they bring it back.

What pieces of jewelry do you wear on an everyday basis?


  1. Its back in stock! :)

    1. oooh thanks for letting me know! I think I actually prefer this one too :) xxx


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