[A'kin] Lavender Celluar Brightening Facial Mist

Toner was something I always used to skip but recently I've actually gotten into a routine of applying it. I really enjoyed using [A'kin]'s Rose Hydrating Mist last year so I thought I'd give the Lavender Brightening Mist* a go. Lavender is one of my favourite scents in skin care as it's just so relaxing and perfect for going to sleep.
akin lavender celluar brightening facial mist mypure 1 akin lavender celluar brightening facial mist mypure 2

The main thing I've been using this for is as a toner. I spray it all over my face after I've washed my face and before moisturiser, both morning and night. It's really moisturising which is perfect for my extremely dry skin. It's also really soothing which has helped with any areas of my skin that can get slightly irritated, especially my cheeks. My skin also looks brighter and more dewy after I've used it.

The facial mist can also be used throughout the day to either refresh make-up or if it's a particularly hot day. It's going to be perfect for during the summer and to take away on holiday.

akin lavender celluar brightening facial mist mypure 3 akin lavender celluar brightening facial mist mypure 4
The facial spray costs £14.99 which I think is a really great price since you get 125ml. I've been using this everyday for the past month and I've only used a tiny amount. Can definitely see this being a repeat purchase.

You can find out more about this from the Mypure website.


  1. This sounds lovely, I seem to always be in the minority of people who like Lavender scented products, but I do find them very relaxing :)


    1. I've always loved it, probably because my mum used lavender products as I was growing up and we've got a lavender bush in the garden so always been around it :) xxx

  2. I also love the smell of lavender :) It really is a soothing scent! xx



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