30 April 2012

Glossy Box: April 2012 Edition

This months Glossy Box is "The Natural Box"* as it's Earth Month. I think this is my favourite packaging so far, I really like the colour scheme and makes a nice change to the usual pink. glossybox april box 11 glossybox april box 10 glossybox april box 9 glossybox april box 8 glossybox april box 7 glossybox april box 5
Figs & Rouge Peppermint And Tea Tree Balm - This is my favourite product, the tin is so cute and I love the design. It's very moisturising but also really glossy until it sinks in so would work over the top of lipsticks as well. I really like mint scented lip products and the tea tree isn't overpowering like it sometimes can be. This can actually be used as an all purpose balm for dry skin but I'll just be using it as a lip balm. This is a full sized product and costs £3.29 for 8ml.
glossybox april box 4
Monuspa Enriched Body Cream - I haven't heard of the brand Monuspa before but I like the look of this moisturiser. It has a lovely scent of orange, lemon, geranium and rose. I'll probably save this for when I'm next traveling as it's the perfect size. The full sized product costs £23 for 200ml.
glossybox april box 3
Caudalie S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum - This is the product I'm most excited to try as I've heard so many good things about Caudalie recently. I'm definitely going to be picking up a bottle of the beauty elixir. I've also been thinking about adding a serum into my skin care recently so this will be put to good use. The full size costs £29 for 30ml.
glossybox april box 2
Philip B Drop Dead Straightening Baume - I've enjoyed using straightening balms in the past but I just don't straighten my hair anymore so I won't be using this. Instead I'll be passing this onto someone who I know will use it. The full size costs £17 for 178ml. This is another brand I haven't heard of before.
glossybox april box 1
glossybox april box 6
Inika Eyeliner In Sapphire - Really pleased with the colour I received as I don't have anything else like it. It's a bright blue which will look great on the lower lash line. It's very creamy but does smudge easily so will probably work best if it's set with an eyeshadow. This is another full sized product and costs £11.75.

Overall I'm really impressed with this months box and the products inside! Also next months box is going to be their 1st birthday box so I'm expecting big exciting things inside considering what was in their first box.

Did you get this months box? What did you think?

29 April 2012

Week In Photos 084

week in photos 084 11 week in photos 084 9 week in photos 084 5 week in photos 084 8 week in photos 084 4 week in photos 084 3 week in photos 084  2 week in photos 084 1 week in photos 084 10 week in photos 084 7 week in photos 084 6
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001 Cheating a little with the day 30 photo as it's still the 29th but I wanted to include it in this week's photos. I've really enjoyed this months photo so I'll definitely be doing it again next month. 


28 April 2012

Davines Nounou Nourishing Repairing Hair Mask

I'm a huge fan of deep conditioners and I more often that not, use them as my normal conditioner as my hair is so dry. I usually stick to the shampoo's I know I like but when it comes to conditioner, I always like to try something new.

I hadn't heard too much about the brand Davines before trying out one of their products. They've been included in Glossyboxes recently, the two products are actually on my list of things to try out.

Over the past month or two I've been using the Nounou/Pak Nourishing Repairing Mask* designed for dry and brittle hair which basically describes my own. The olive butter in it helps to tame fly aways whilst softening and nourishing the hair. I either mix this with a normal conditioner and wash it off after 5 minutes or if I've got more time, I'll leave it on for 30 minutes on towel dried hair.

It has a very strong scent which I just associate with hair care products but neither my mum or I can pin point what it is. It's really made a difference with how knotty my hair gets and has made brushing so easy. What's impressed me the most is the ends of my hair have been transformed and no longer look as dry and damaged as they really are. Despite it being a thick treatment, it doesn't weigh the hair down so it'll be perfect for those with fine hair.

davines nounou dry brittle mask deep conditioner
For some reason this just doesn't seem to going down! I use quite a lot of product as I have very long hair but it looks like I've hardly used any. The photo below was taken after about 3 uses and it's only up to the label at the moment after about 5 or 6 uses. The tub is really deceiving as I thought I'd use it up after only 2 washes. Talking about the tub, it's not the best design as the lid doesn't close 100% so wouldn't travel well at all once opened. It's fine though for using at home.

From looking online the price seems to range from £15-18 which is on the more expensive side of deep conditioners but I'd buy it again as a treat.

The only downside to this and other Davines products is accessibility. You can't buy them from the website although there are salons across the UK. Hopefully this will change at some point.

This particular product has had rave reviews on MakeUpAlley as well which I always check before buying a product.

Have you tried anything from Davines? Did you get them in your Glossy Box?

27 April 2012

[A'kin] Lavender Celluar Brightening Facial Mist

Toner was something I always used to skip but recently I've actually gotten into a routine of applying it. I really enjoyed using [A'kin]'s Rose Hydrating Mist last year so I thought I'd give the Lavender Brightening Mist* a go. Lavender is one of my favourite scents in skin care as it's just so relaxing and perfect for going to sleep.
akin lavender celluar brightening facial mist mypure 1 akin lavender celluar brightening facial mist mypure 2

The main thing I've been using this for is as a toner. I spray it all over my face after I've washed my face and before moisturiser, both morning and night. It's really moisturising which is perfect for my extremely dry skin. It's also really soothing which has helped with any areas of my skin that can get slightly irritated, especially my cheeks. My skin also looks brighter and more dewy after I've used it.

The facial mist can also be used throughout the day to either refresh make-up or if it's a particularly hot day. It's going to be perfect for during the summer and to take away on holiday.

akin lavender celluar brightening facial mist mypure 3 akin lavender celluar brightening facial mist mypure 4
The facial spray costs £14.99 which I think is a really great price since you get 125ml. I've been using this everyday for the past month and I've only used a tiny amount. Can definitely see this being a repeat purchase.

You can find out more about this from the Mypure website.

26 April 2012

L'occitane Pivoine Delicate Collection

Peonies are actually one of my favourite flowers, the other being tulips. So this collection from L'Occitane is perfect for me. After the success of the Pivoine Flora perfume last year they have come out with a limited edition collection, Pivoine Delicate. I have three products from the collection but there's also an eau de toilette, fresh mist and lip glosses.
l'occitane peony pivione flora collection perfume lipstick hand cream highlighter shimmer powder 8
I'm not usually one to keep the packaging of products but I think I'll have to with these. How beautiful are they?! I love the peony and could see it working really well as a print in a frame.

The first product I have is the hand cream* which has a twist cap lock. Something that I've seen on a lot of products I've used recently. It has the gorgeous pivoine delicate scent of peony petals with delicate and fresh green scents of Rose and Lily of the Valley
It's incredibly moisturising and leaves your hands feeling silky smooth. It isn't greasy at all and you can carry on with whatever your doing as soon as you apply it. The cream is 75ml so is small enough to keep in your bag and costs £14. This would also look great sitting on your bedside table which is where I've been keeping mine.
l'occitane peony pivione flora collection perfume lipstick hand cream highlighter shimmer powder 7
First, how gorgeous is the packaging for the Shimmering Powder*?! This would look perfect on your dressing table or bedside table as well. It can be used in your hair or on the body and leaves a pink and silver iridescent behind. The shimmer is very finely milled.

I really like it in my hair and would never have thought to use it this way. I have fairly light hair so it's quite subtle, those with darker hair I'd imagine it would stand out more.

This is probably the only product from the collection I wouldn't necessarily buy for myself but I think it would make a great gift. It costs £22 but I'd imagine it would last for ever!
l'occitane peony pivione flora collection perfume lipstick hand cream highlighter shimmer powder 5 l'occitane peony pivione flora collection perfume lipstick hand cream highlighter shimmer powder 6
The Pivoine Delicate lipstick* is my favourite product out of the three. The packaging is amazing, by far my favourite for a lipstick.

The colour is lovely too, very similar to 17's Beehive but just slightly more peach. It's also similar to Beehive in terms of formula. It's really moisturising and actually lasts a surprising amount of time considering it's quite sheer. There's silver sparkle in the bullet but this doesn't transfer to the lips. Because of how balm-like it is, it leaves your lips looking glossy. The lipstick is £12.50.
l'occitane peony pivione flora collection perfume lipstick hand cream highlighter shimmer powder 4 l'occitane peony pivione flora collection perfume lipstick hand cream highlighter shimmer powder 3
The swatch below is a comparison of the two lipsticks. 17 Beehive is the top swatch and Pivoine Delicate is the bottom.
l'occitane peony pivione flora collection perfume lipstick hand cream highlighter shimmer powder 2
I have a mini bottle of the original Pivoine scent which came with a LatestInBeauty box.
It has top notes of bergamot blended with grapefruit. Middle notes of intense peony, magnolia and violet petals and a base note of a lingering silky richness enveloped in vanilla, cedar and musk.

This 5ml bottle was available to buy on the L'Occitane website the other day for about £5 but it's not there anymore. It was limited edition so I'm not sure if this means it is currently sold out. The 50ml bottle is £40.
l'occitane peony pivione flora collection perfume lipstick hand cream highlighter shimmer powder 1

Models Own Dusty Mauve - NOTD

Dusty Mauve is one of those polishes that doesn't look the same on the nails as it does in the bottle. On the nails it's a gun metal grey but in the bottle it has a purple shimmer. I really like how it looks on the nails, it's really unique and nothing like anything else in my collection.

I only applied two layers but it could have done with a third coat but it had started to bubble slightly so didn't want to make that worse.

24 April 2012

Liverpool Giants

liverpool giants little girl dog uncle 1 liverpool giants little girl dog uncle 6 week in photos 083 8 liverpool giants little girl dog uncle 3 liverpool giants little girl dog uncle 4 liverpool giants little girl dog uncle 2 liverpool giants little girl dog uncle 5 liverpool giants little girl dog uncle 7 liverpool giants little girl dog uncle 9 liverpool giants little girl dog uncle 8

22 April 2012

Week In Photos 083

week in photos 083 6 week in photos 083 5 week in photos 083 11 week in photos 083 4week in photos 083 3 week in photos 083 1 week in photos 083 2 week in photos 083 12 week in photos 083 13 week in photos 083 10 week in photos 083 9 week in photos 083 7 week in photos 083 8 week in photos 083 14 Day 16 - Flower // Day 17 - Something you don't like: waiting all day for a delivery // Day 18 - Hair // Neighbours cat // Odd socks // Day 19 - Orange // Triangle studs I don't know what to do with // Day 20 - Something you drew: self portrait for the blog's sidebar // Day 21 - Bottle // Sitting in the wind for an hour waiting // St Georges hall // Uncle giant // Day 22 - The last thing you bought.
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