Week In Photos 076

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Last book read // Cooking aubergine under the grill // Organising and adding to my desk // Making my dads Birthday present - more to come on Wednesday if it all goes to plan. 

001 I altered the colours of my layout a little bit as I wanted something brighter and lighter for spring. I liked the colours I had before but the grey background was just a bit too dull. Whenever I'm looking for colour combinations I use Colour Lovers, a website where people post patterns, shapes and colour palettes. You can also make your own which I haven't had a go at doing yet. 

002 I'd highly recommend reading Divergent especially if you like dystopian books. I ordered it after seeing it in Elle's Glitterature along with a few others that she'd bought. I started reading it the day after I got it and couldn't put it down and finished it the next day. I'm a quick reader especially when I really like a book. I loved it so much and would probably put it in my top 10. I'm not going to go into any detail about it as I think it'll ruin it for others but the story and characters are great, especially the two main ones.

I haven't read The Hunger Games yet or The Maze Runner but it's made me excited to do so. I really like reading these sorts of books after this one and the Uglies series. The second book in the Divergent series is out in May but I wish it would come out sooner! Definitely going to order it straight away.


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