Nail Polish Remover Bottle For Nail Art

nail polish remover bottle ebay 2 nail polish remover bottle ebay 1

I've wanted one of these nail polish remover bottles for a long time purely for the reason that they look fun to use! But now I've gotten more into nail art they've actually come in really handy.

These are especially useful when using Konad and you have to clean off the plate and scraper after each nail. I use a pair of tweezers to hold the cotton ball soaked with nail polish so I don't take off any of the hard work I've just put into my nails.

I bought mine in a set of 2 from Ebay for £2.25 including delivery. They are from Hong Kong so do take a little longer to arrive but I think mine took a week to 10 days. I use this seller to buy all my nail art things and haven't had any problems.

I've added the label "remover" myself as I really like using my Dymo label maker. You could give the second bottle to a friend of even use it for your toner like the Clinique one.


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