L'occitane Petit Romantic Rose Gift Set

Since Mothers day is coming up this month I thought I'd show a gift set that would be perfect. I know my mum would love it as she loves Rose scents. Her daily moisturiser is Kosmea's Eighth Natural Wonder serum which also has a lovely rose scent.
loccitane rose gift set mothers day 1 loccitane rose gift set mothers day

The Petit Romantic Rose set* includes:

Bonne Mere Soap - The soap contains dried rose petals which acts as an exfoliator and has a really nice lather. It's really creamy and moisturising which I don't find too often with soaps.

4 Reines Bath & Shower Gel - First of all, I love the packaging of the shower gel and moisturiser and the way the lid opens. Just the small things that make a good impression.

4 Reines Body Milk - I tend to forget moisturiser in the summer as I hate going to sleep with sticky skin if it's especially hot during the night. Applying moisturiser in the morning is a definite no for me. A thin moisturiser like this though is perfect as it sinks in without much effort.

4 Reines Hand Cream - Finally I've found a scent in the hand creams that I like! I've had two of L'Occitanes hand creams before when they were free with a magazine but didn't like either scent. These are one of the best hand creams I've used. They soak in immediately but are incredibly moisturising. This handy 30ml tube is perfect to keep in your handbag.

All four products have a gorgeous rose scent that lasts on the skin. When it comes to bath and body products the scents never seem to match or go together which always annoys me. A set like this though is perfect and it only costs £16.

If you or your mum isn't a fan of rose scents then there's other fragrances to choose from too.


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