Barefoot SOS Dry Scalp Treatment Shampoo & Conditioner

I thought I'd start off with a bit of background information as I haven't really done many posts about my hair. I have very long curly/wavy hair which is very dry and a very sensitive scalp.

I only wash my hair once a week for several reasons. The main being that I have a very sensitive and eczema prone scalp and washing it irritates it. The less I wash it, the less irritation I get. Also my hair just doesn't need washing that often, I find it only starts to get greasy after about 10 days. The reason I can get away with leaving it this long is that I don't style my hair, instead I leave it totally natural. If I ever curl or straighten my hair it needs washing more often.

Anyone with curly or wavy hair will probably agree, my hair looks and sits better a few days after washing and probably looks it's best after about 5 days. It also takes forever to air dry which I can't be dealing with every other day like most people.

Until about 2 and a half years ago I was using Herbal Essence but then the problems with eczema on my scalp started and shampoos like that just made it a million times worse. I then started using shampoos that don't contain SLS and more natural which worked wonders. I've used Bedhead, Liz Earle, Tara Smith, Naked, Lovea and a few others which I really liked. I've found I can use whatever conditioner I like as I don't put it on my scalp so I still use my old favourites.
barefoot SOS dry scalp shampoo conditioner 1
Now onto the products!These are the dry scalp treatment shampoo* and conditioner* from Barefoot SOS. I really like the simplicity of how the products look. Although both the shampoo and conditioner have the same packaging you can tell the difference by the different shade of green font. The bottles also have a matte texture like NARS packaging which I really like. So far they haven't gotten horribly dirty either like NARS tends to do. 
barefoot SOS dry scalp shampoo conditioner 2 barefoot SOS dry scalp shampoo conditioner 3
Both the shampoo and conditioner have very strong scents and are quite similar. A mix of jojoba, willow, chamomile, lavender and rosemary. I find the scent doesn't linger though so if your not a huge fan then it's not a big problem.

To dispense the product you twist the cap half way which I tried to demonstrate in the photo below but I'm not sure it's too obvious. The bottle on the left is closed and the one on the right is open.

I find myself using about a grape sized amount of the shampoo and it lathers up really nicely and leaves your hair feeling squeeky clean. I have to use a lot more of the conditioner as I have long hair so I usually use half this and then half a deep conditioner or mask which works really well. On it's own though it's lightweight but still really moisturising leaving my hair feeling soft.
barefoot SOS dry scalp shampoo conditioner 4

As far as helping with the dry scalp, I don't think it's made it any better. It still gets really dry and itchy at times although it hasn't made it any worse or irritated it. I'm thinking I just haven't used it long enough, just a little over a month.

Each bottle costs £13and can be bought from the mypure website.


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