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March Empties 2012

Not many empties this month which I expected after I used up a lot last month!
Barry M Lip Gloss in Strawberry Milkshake - Excited to have finished a make-up item as I never really do! Really like this barry m lip gloss, it smells amazing and is nicely pigmented. Will probably buy another one when I've used up some more of my lip glosses.

N-Spa Gingerbread Bath Syrup - I love the scent of this bubble bath! It reminds me of an old limited edition one from The Body Shop which they don't sell anymore. Not sure if this is limited edition as I did get it round Christmas. If it's still available I'll be picking up another bottle.

W7 Nail Polish in Cosmic Mauve - This one is cheating a bit but since I'm throwing it out I though I'd add it in. I've never actually used this polish before as it was all dried up and unusable when I got it.

OPI Nail Polish in Plugged In Plum - Although it's only a mini polish I'm quite proud to have finished it! I think I've …

March Favourites 2012

Lush Rub Rub Rub - This is an old favourite and I think about my third tub?! It exfoliates really well but doesn't irritate my sensitive skin and leaves behind a really nice scent. It's been perfect the past week or two as the weather's been so nice I've been outside in the garden a lot barefoot. Therefore my feet get quite dirty and dry.

Soap & Glory Daily Smooth Body Butter - Since I'm walking around barefoot a lot my feet get really dry so I've been applying this each night and then wearing some socks for a treatment and it's been working wonders. I'll wake up in the morning and my feet are so soft and smooth.

Weleda Skin Food* - I said in my last monthly favourites that my skin had been really dry and still has been this month. Each morning I've been using this as my day time moisturiser and it really helps to get rid of any flaky areas. As this is a really thick balm, I wouldn't recommend this for anyone with oily skin. But those with dry…

Spring Nail Polish

It's this time of year when I bring out my pastel creme nail polishes and ditch the darks, shimmer and glitter and these are my choices at the moment. If I haven't already, I'll be posting NOTD's so you can see the colours properly. Those that I have already posted will be in bold.

Models Own Beths Blue // Models Own Lilac Dream // Models Own Peach Sherbet // Revlon Minted // Revlon Lilac Pastelle
Eyeko Vintage // Eyeko Pastel // Barry M Pale Pink // Barry M Peach Melba // Barry M Berry Ice Cream. 

Barefoot SOS Dry Scalp Treatment Shampoo & Conditioner

I thought I'd start off with a bit of background information as I haven't really done many posts about my hair. I have very long curly/wavy hair which is very dry and a very sensitive scalp.

I only wash my hair once a week for several reasons. The main being that I have a very sensitive and eczema prone scalp and washing it irritates it. The less I wash it, the less irritation I get. Also my hair just doesn't need washing that often, I find it only starts to get greasy after about 10 days. The reason I can get away with leaving it this long is that I don't style my hair, instead I leave it totally natural. If I ever curl or straighten my hair it needs washing more often.

Anyone with curly or wavy hair will probably agree, my hair looks and sits better a few days after washing and probably looks it's best after about 5 days. It also takes forever to air dry which I can't be dealing with every other day like most people.

Until about 2 and a half years ago I was u…

Models Own Lilac Dream Polka Dots - NOTD

I'm really liking white polka dot nails at the moment! Models Own Snow White is the perfect polish for nail art as it's opaque in one coat. 

Week In Photos 079

Cucumber plants are growing! // Testing sugar cookie recipes // Daddy long legs // Curling my hair for the first time in months // Plants up date after one week! Courgette // Cucumber.

001 Can't believe how quick my plants are growing! I only planted them last Sunday and already they're outgrowing the pots their in at the moment. Think I'm going to be putting each plant into their own pot on Tuesday. I've wanted a little veg garden for ages so this is really exciting for me! Looking forward to having and eating courgette flowers in the summer. No sign of the peppers yet though which I think aren't going to work.

Flying Cat

Just a funny clip of the cat jumping from our garden bench to the wall. There are easier ways to get out of our garden but for some reason he always chooses this one.

At Home Pedicure

I've never actually paid for a professional manicure or pedicure! That may be shocking to some but I just don't see the point when I can easily do it myself at home and for free. These are the products I'm using at the moment to keep my feet and nails looking nice. Even though it's winter I still like to keep my feet nice and soft as well as my nails painted, even if they are in tights everyday.
I start off with a foot soak using Margaret Dabbs Hydrating Foot Soak which has a really nice citrus scent that's really refreshing. For this I just use my bath and run enough water to cover my feet. 

Once my feet have been soaking for 5 or 10 minutes I'll scrub them using Lush's Rub Rub Rub which is one of my favourite body scrubs. My heels are always really dry so I use a pumice stone to get rid of the dead skin there. The one I have is from The Body Shop but I'm in need of a new one.

Once me feet are dry I'll apply a layer of moisturiser. The one I'…

Week In Photos 078

Summer drinks // Flowers // Mini garden in my bedroom // Early morning bike rides // Mothers Day.

L'occitane Petit Romantic Rose Gift Set

Since Mothers day is coming up this month I thought I'd show a gift set that would be perfect. I know my mum would love it as she loves Rose scents. Her daily moisturiser is Kosmea's Eighth Natural Wonder serum which also has a lovely rose scent.

The Petit Romantic Rose set* includes:

Bonne Mere Soap - The soap contains dried rose petals which acts as an exfoliator and has a really nice lather. It's really creamy and moisturising which I don't find too often with soaps.

4 Reines Bath & Shower Gel - First of all, I love the packaging of the shower gel and moisturiser and the way the lid opens. Just the small things that make a good impression.

4 Reines Body Milk - I tend to forget moisturiser in the summer as I hate going to sleep with sticky skin if it's especially hot during the night. Applying moisturiser in the morning is a definite no for me. A thin moisturiser like this though is perfect as it sinks in without much effort.

4 Reines Hand Cream - Finally I&#…

Latest Ikea Additions

I went to Ikea last Tuesday to pick up some under bed storage to either store my winter or summer clothes in depending on the season. One of my giant frames I got for Christmas the year before last broke and fell off the wall in October so we took it back hoping to get a refund or store credit for it. And we did! So I managed to get a few bits that I've wanted for a while and only spent about £2.50 total for everything.

Cactus & pot // Breakfast bowls // Milkshake glass & straws.

Week In Photos 077

Tidy bedroom // Ikea & getting rid of old furniture // Millions of dishes // Dads birthday // Writing out recipes // Takeaway & TV // Reading book 4 in The Immortals series // Latest additions to my felt wreath // Peanut butter crispy treats // Making freezer burriots.

Good Things Ultra Rich Body Butter

This body butter* from Good Things was an essential for me during winter. My skin was dryer than usual so I found myself using this on a daily basis before bed. It's really thick and incredibly moisturising. A small amount of this goes a long way and it sinks in really nicely.

If you come across this in store, have a smell and I'm sure you'll be impressed. I know I was when I first opened it. It smells of pomegranate, red grape, mango and papaya. It's really strong and stays on the skin for a while.

This 300ml tub costs £5.99 which is a bargain compared to The Body Shops Body Butters which are £12.99 for only 200ml.

Good Things are available from Sainsburys, Boots and Superdrug, in stores and on their websites. It's definitely a brand I want to try more from. I'm thinking the other body butter and scrub are what I'm most likely to try out next.

Guppy 03 Purple Pink Glitter - NOTD

I love this colour, really unique and I have nothing like it. I prefer it matte, which is the top photo.

I found photographing this Guppy polish with a top coat really hard, it just wouldn't focus. Not sure it's the light as I did take it later on in the day. Think I might take some new ones when the light is better.

These polishes are great and only cost about £2 from ebay. Only takes two coats and dries so quickly! Also for a quickly it's incredibly easy to remove.

Dad's Birthday Present: A Cookie Mix Jar

I don't have a lot of extra spending money at the moment, even been on a shopping ban over the past few months, so I thought I'd make my dad a present instead and one I know he'll love. He doesn't eat chocolate or cake that often because of his diet but has a big sweet tooth just like me and loved the cookies I blogged about the other month.
I've wanted to make a cookie mix jar for such a long time after seeing them on websites like Tumblr and Pinterest so thought my dads birthday would be the perfect time to try it out.

I bought the jar from Asda but I'm not sure on the exact size. All I know is that it's the middle size that they sell and costs about £2. I was only planning to use half the recipe but as I was measuring everything out it didn't look like the jar would be full. Luckily I had enough ingredients so made the full amount.

Obviously I missed out butter, egg and vanilla extract which will be added to the mixture at a later date. I also mixed …

Nail Polish Remover Bottle For Nail Art

I've wanted one of these nail polish remover bottles for a long time purely for the reason that they look fun to use! But now I've gotten more into nail art they've actually come in really handy.

These are especially useful when using Konad and you have to clean off the plate and scraper after each nail. I use a pair of tweezers to hold the cotton ball soaked with nail polish so I don't take off any of the hard work I've just put into my nails.

I bought mine in a set of 2 from Ebay for £2.25 including delivery. They are from Hong Kong so do take a little longer to arrive but I think mine took a week to 10 days. I use this seller to buy all my nail art things and haven't had any problems.

I've added the label "remover" myself as I really like using my Dymo label maker. You could give the second bottle to a friend of even use it for your toner like the Clinique one.