Munio Candela Soy Candle In Relaxation

I'm a big candle lover but have to be careful with what I use as some can really irritate my skin. I love Yankee Candle tarts but find they can set off the eczema on my face and just make my skin really itchy. Such a shame as they all smell amazing! This is where soy candles come into it as I've heard they're better for you.

I've heard of soy candles before but haven't tried any until this one from Munio Candela*.

Soy candles are simply better for you, your family and your environment. 
Better for the indoor and natural environment. 
Burns without toxins, carcinogens or soot.  
Burns up to 50% longer than traditional candles.  
Cruelty free, contains no animal products.  
Contains no genetically modified material.  
Biodegradable and derived from renewable sources. 
Cleans up easily with soap and hot water. 

This particular candle from Munio Candela is housed in a paint can which is just perfect and the little drawing of the elephant is really cute. Everything is hand made even down to the holes in the can!
munio candela relaxation soy candle mypure 1 munio candela relaxation soy candle mypure 2 munio candela relaxation soy candle mypure 3

The only negative thing I have to say about the candle is there aren't any scent definitions on the Mypure website or even the brands website. When I think of relaxation scents I think of lavender when in fact this candle smells like orange and basil. This is the same for the other two paint can candles, inspiration and vitality. With a bit of googleing I managed to find out what the scents are mean to be so I knew what I was going to get. Vitality is lemon and lavender and inspiration is jasmine and patchouli. Really glad I didn't order inspiration before finding out what it's scent was, I really hate jasmine!

munio candela relaxation soy candle mypure 4
What's really interesting about this candle is that it has a wooden wick which I've never heard about before. From what I can tell, it seems to burn through the candle slower and when distinguished, there isn't any horrible smoke that may set off your smoke alarms.

munio candela relaxation soy candle mypure 5 munio candela relaxation soy candle mypure 6

As with all candles, the first time you light it you should leave it burning until the top is completely melted so it burns evenly throughout. When I first lit mine, I had mine burning for 5 hours and it still hadn't totally melted! The candles is meant too burn for about 50 hours. I've had mine burning a couple of times a week, for a few hours each time and it's hardly gone down. It's probably been burning for some like 18 hours in total so it's going to last a really long time.

The scent is subtle but really fills the room and even spreads to other rooms in the house. I much prefer scents to be in the background so they don't give me a headache or set my skin off.

The paint can candles cost £23 and can be bought from the Mypure website.


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