Moo Business Cards

I've wanted to order some Moo cards for a really long time, I've even got a saved project which has been there for a couple of months. I was reading Adrienne's blog (TheSundayGirl) and saw her post on the new facebook cards from Moo. Free offer was in the title of the blog post which also drew me in!

You get 50 free cards (but still have to pay the £3-ish postage) to see how they look. It also gives you an idea of the overall quality if, like me, you were already thinking of ordering some business cards.
moo business cards facebook rottenotter blog 5 moo business cards facebook rottenotter blog 4 moo business cards facebook rottenotter blog 3 moo business cards facebook rottenotter blog 2 moo business cards facebook rottenotter blog 1

Now I'm not 100% happy with them but can't complain as I basically got them for free! You get the small image from your profile photo and then the larger one from the updated Facebook layout. I kept the same cover image I already had on my facebook profile just because I think it looks nice. If I was going to actually pay for them, I'd have gone for something a long the lines of my blog layout.

You can't choose what little icons you have and since I didn't want to put my number of there I just left it blank. I've repeated my email address twice as I couldn't think what else to put. Also found it hard to decide what I wanted written on the back. I'm happy with what I went with though as it's a little bit of background information about me.

Get your own Moo Facebook cards here. I'm not sure how long this is going on for so I'd order them soon so you're not disappointed.

Finally have to add, delivery was perfect. I got a confirmation email on Tuesday (31st) and they got to me the next day!


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