Living Nature Rescue Gel

living nature rescue gel
The Living Nature Rescue Gel is something I haven't really heard about before. It's formulated with Manuka Oil and Honey renowned for its healing properties, it's a soothing fast drying gel for superficial cuts, grazes and skin irritations and blemish prone skin.

It's not going to magically make spots disappear immediately. I still use a spot treatment such as Liz Earle or Alva but it's going to really help with the healing. It calms down the redness some spots can have and also helps with discoloration after a spot is gone.

I just apply this throughout the day whenever I feel I need it but always make sure I apply some before bed after I've cleansed and moisturised my skin. The tiniest amount is needed, like the size of a pin head, and I just apply it any problem areas.

The only downside to the rescue gel is the scent, I really can't stand it for some reason. I'm not even sure how to describe it, it could just be the Manuka honey but it's definitely one I don't like. Although when actually on the skin you can't smell it.

It comes in two sizes, I have the small tube (10ml) so I can easily fit it in my bag which is £7.99. It's also available in a 50ml tube for £11.99.

You can read more about it and purchase from the Mypure website.


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