January Empties

I haven't finished many products this month as I'm now onto newer products which will obviously take more time to use than half empty ones.
january empties 2012

N-Spa Chocolate Orange bath syrup - This was my least favourite out of the four. I like the scent but it just didn't make any bubbles for some reason and I didn't have this problem with the others. I wouldn't buy this again.

Cutex Nail Polish Remover - I'm always changing my nail polish so I go through bottles so quickly. Especially if I've been using a lot of glitter polishes. I don't have a favourite, I just buy whatever bottle Asda has which is usually Cutex.

Boots Botanics Cleansing Balm - I loved this and will definitely be buying another tub. It's perfect for the winter as it's really moisturising and just nice to use. I also used it on my body a few times when my skin was really dry which worked wonders. I'll be buying another one when I finished a few more cleansers.

17 Falsifeye Mascara - I really didn't get on with this mascara. Firstly the brush is huge which just didn't work with my smallish eyes. Also I found it really dry, even when I opened it the first time. Definitely wont be buying this again.

George Under Eye Concealer - I really liked this concealer but the colour was just totally wrong for my skin tone. It's in medium so I'd really need the light if I was to buy it again. I won it in a giveaway so didn't have a say on the colour.

What products have you finished recently?


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