Guppy 02 Pink Glitter - NOTD

This Guppy polish is one that I got for Christmas and can be found on Ebay for about £2. For some reason you have to type "cuddv" into Ebay to get these polishes up.

Without a topcoat, it's pretty matte which I actually really like (Top photos). It almost makes the glitter more subtle. With a topcoat it still looks amazing. Always like it when you basically get two polishes in one.

I usually apply two coats but you can get away with only one. I just find two coats lasts longer one me. It also dries incredibly quickly which is perfect. 

When first applied and totally dry this polish has an almost strawberry lace scent which fades after a day or so. Or if you apply a topcoat to it. Overall I've been really impressed with these polishes from Guppy and I'm definitely going to buy a few more at some point. 


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