Today I've ...

... been painting my make-up storage. This is only part one though as I still need to do something with the top set of drawers. I really want to use a grey wood stain on it but am having a hard time finding the right one. I want the colour to look something like this.

The easy part of painting my make-up storage was the bottom set of drawers. I'd previously painted them cream and blue which went with my old bedroom decor which you can see here. Obviously, I couldn't use the stain on already painted wood so I went with white to match my walls and the majority of my furniture.

decorating makeup storage painted white 01 decorating makeup storage painted white 02
When the weather is nicer I want to try and paint my desk and chest of drawers white to match the rest of my room. They're currently pine. I've had them for like 12 years or something ridiculous like that and I really don't like them. As I'm hoping to move out of my parents house as soon as possible I don't want to buy any new furniture. Also been reading Stylizimo and all the DIY's she's been doing. Sort of caught the DIY bug I think :)


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