Today I've Been ...

... Organising my nail polish. I finally got my nail wheels in the post, along with a nail polish remover bottle that I've been wanting for a while. You know those ones that you press the top of and nail polish comes out onto the cotton ball?? organising nail polish wheel
I just love these nail wheels, I don't use them for photographing nail polish really, I prefer to actually paint my nails for blog posts. Instead I use them to decide what colour to go for. It's an easy way to look at all my polishes at the same time as I do have quite a lot.

I've decided to keep one nail for each brand as before I had various brands on the same wheel which I didn't like. It meant that if I bought more nail polish it would be all messed up. Next I'm going to add labels to each wheel but I think I might try printing them out, not sure yet.


  1. Such a great idea!! You'll be extra organized now :)


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