Lush Yuzu And Cocoa Bubbleroon

lush Yuzu and Cocoa

It's not often I'm disappointed by a Lush product but sadly this bubble bar is a bit of a let down. It's one of the newer products from Lush and I smelt it when I was last in London and put it on my Christmas list immediately. The scent is a mix of chocolate and citrus but once in the bath, the scent completely disappears.

That's not the only let down though. I used half of it for one bath and it took a long time to crumble and melt, I haven't had this problem with any other bubble bar. It also didn't create a lot of bubbles and the ones it did make didn't last for very long.

Lastly, Yuzu And Cocoa looks tiny compared to all the other bubble bars which I can normally get 4 baths out of. It's also not one of the cheapest being £2.95. Definitely not buying this one again!


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