January Favourites

I didn't think I'd have too many favourites this month as I haven't bought anything new and have just been using old favourites which I didn't want to repeat.
january favourites 2012

N-Spa Hot Butter Fudge & Angel Cake bath syrup - These are my two favourites from the set of four I bought in the sale. They smell amazing and make a good amount of bubbles. Angel Cake smells a bit like Lush's Snow Fairy which I didn't actually buy this year for some reason. Hot Butter Fudge smells like you should eat it! Definitely going to be buying the full sizes.

N-Spa Jojoba and White Jasmine body scrub - Another great product from N-Spa! I'm not normally a fan of jasmine but for some reason I love the scent of this. It's what made me buy it in the first place. I always prefer body scrubs that are named body polish. The grains or seeds are usually much smaller which I find works better with my skin. I bought the mini bottle to see if I liked it but am going to buy the full size once this runs out. I'm also thinking of trying a few more products which have the same scent.

Ahava Mud Mask* - I use this on my t-zone and it works wonders. I apply it, leave on for 2 minutes then use a Liz Earle sponge to take it off. You can see an immediate difference and blackheads are much smaller or have disappeared completely.

Rimmel Disco Ball Nail Polish - I've been applying this on top of most of my manicures recently, I just love it. I haven't posted any NOTD's using it yet but I have one scheduled for Thursday.

Benefit Eyebright - This is a re-discovery as it's been sitting in my drawer unused for quite a while. I got it when it was free with Glamour, along with everyone else! I used it for a while but stopped for some unknown reason. I've been applying it on my waterline every morning just to make my eyes look more awake and works really well. Not sure I'd buy it when it runs out, £14 just seems a bit too expensive.

Topshop Infared Lipstick - This is my latest edition to my lipstick collection and has quickly turned into a favourite. I find oranges suit my skin tone and hair colour better than most reds. It also makes my teeth look whiter which is always a bonus. The formula is great too, really creamy and easy to apply. It's made me want to try the other shades. I really want to try one of the darker colours but they'd sold out when I was buying this one.

Lush Honey I Washed The Kids Solid Perfume - I've had this perfume for a long time, I won it in one of Steph's giveaways but just didn't use it that much. It smells amazing but as you can only apply it to your skin I found it quite hard to use. With normal spray perfumes, I spray my wrists and then clothes/hair. Obviously with this you can't do that. Instead I've just been using it when I'm around the house or want a more subtle scent.

What are your January favourites?


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