Week In Photos 067

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Bokeh // Lush bath - Phoenix Rising // Made banana cupcakes and loaf with maple cream icing // Topped with glitter // New Year's desserts // Pretty sky.

001 Hope everyone had a good New Years! Mine was a pretty relaxed one with lots of yummy food which is what I wanted after the busyness of Christmas. I can also say I didn't start the year with a hangover which I have done for the last several years. 

002 I've completed about half of the goals I set myself this time last year which I'm pleased about. I didn't think I'd do them all but it's nice to have something to works towards. 

By chance, I discovered the career I want to pursue which is event and wedding planning.
I've drank a lot more water this year and always take a bottle with me where ever I go. I've also gotten a lot more into herbal tea's like lemon verbena and rose.
I haven't reached my happy weight or moved out of my parents house, but that's something I'm going to work towards this year.

I never scratched off a new city or country on my scratch map but I did visit Venice again which was amazing despite the rain and thunder storms.

I changed the look of my blog which then led to RottenOtter's Thoughts being temporarily deleted which was a stressful time to say the least. Luckily I managed to get it back in one piece.

And finally, even though it wasn't really a goal, I've carried on blogging and loved every minute of it! I've definitely taken more photos this year and even bought myself an external hard drive to store them all on.

I'm also going to set myself a goal to not buy any nail polish in 2012. I got a lot for Christmas and I need to use what I have more. Hopefully by the end of the year I'll have used every polish I own (a fair few times) and perhaps even finished a couple. Although I am going to allow myself to buy 6 polishes in case theirs any limited edition colours I fall in love with or visit a different country and find new polish brands.

Other things I'd like to do this year:
Finish off making my rag rug which I've been making for years, go round the galleries in London, save 10% of each pay check for the future, finish making the wreath, make red velvet cupcakes and macaroons successfully, make homemade nutella, take some photos for OOTD posts, hand paint some mugs, make my own wrapping paper and tags for Christmas, maybe even for birthdays, volunteer for the BuyArtFair again in Manchester, visit more cities around the UK, make a mini blackboard out of a picture frame, master knitting properly, put my crocheting skills to use and make something, buy a film camera: either a Diana or Holga. 


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