Week In Photos 064

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Graze boxes // make your own snowman // surprise Aussie package // first wash with giant Aussie bottles // none stop hail stones // comfy slippers

001 Still no Christmas tree! And it's just over two weeks till Christmas! Think we're getting it on Tuesday hopefully so the house will start to feel more Christmassy. Also hope it snows soon. We've been having so much hail this week and the winds just been crazy!

002 Found a massive hole in my favourite pair of denim shorts that I wear all year round. Surprisingly they were from George and have lasted a good 3 years! So now I'm on the hunt for a new pair, just ordered 3 from ASOS in the hope that I like one and it fits.

003 Downloaded Plants VS Zombies for my Ipod after watching Ingrid play it on Luke's Arcade. Become quite obsessed with it, it's so much fun to play!

004 The winners of my Lovefilm giveaway (chosen by Random.org) are Hannah in pyjamas, Hannah and Tina Vincent. I've emailed you all :)


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