Week In Photos 063

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week in photos 063 11 week in photos 063 12 week in photos 063 13 week in photos 063 14 week in photos 063 15 week in photos 063 16 week in photos 063 17 week in photos 063 18 week in photos 063 19 001 Didn't want this to go up a day late again so I'm posting it later than I wanted to! Can't believe we're nearly a week into December. I'm trying to persuade my mum to go Christmas tree shopping with me this week as we always leave it so last minute. Think we're going to get a mini tree this year as we usually get giant ones. Also hoping it'll snow soon as it's my favourite weather and look forward to it each year. Last year we didn't get as much as other cities in England.

002 Picked up these mini Macaroons from M&S and surprisingly, they taste amazing! Now I don't have to get my fix when I go down to London. Also think I need to master the art of making them as I can see this habit getting quite expensive.

003 Finally got around to putting up some of my photo frames onto my photo wall and a few other decorative pieces up. The first two are from Etsy and are my favourites. I chose the first one as it reminded me of my blog and the second as it reminds me of my cat and me. The third was from a gift shop when I was in Chesterfield last month.

004 For some reason I decided to go shopping on Saturday and I wont be doing it again for a good few weeks. It was SO busy! I've bought all my presents online for the past few years so haven't really been in town whilst Christmas shopping has been going on. Topshop was packed, you basically couldn't walk without stopping after each step taken and they didn't even have what I wanted. Did manage to pick up a perfume, jumper and a lovely bracelet though.

005 The bonus of going to town was seeing all the Christmas lights although I didn't go to the giant Christmas tree which is further up Church Street.


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