Liz Earle Botanical Shine Hair Treatment

Today I'm talking about an exciting new product from Liz Earle which is the Botanical Shine Treatment* which will be available at the start of January.

liz earle hair treatment

This treatment is designed to combat frizzy, coarse and dry hair which pretty much describes my own hair! I use a deep conditioner every time I wash my hair as it's just so dry so this is perfect for me.

The treatment has the same packaging as the normal conditioner but is slightly smaller, containing 150ml, and has the same fresh citrus scent.

You can either use this as a quick 10 minute treatment after shampooing which is perfect for everyday or leave it on for 30 minutes for more of a pamper. You could even leave it on overnight which will leave your hair feeling amazing once washed out in the morning.

I have very long hair and probably use about a cherry tomato sized amount which was a lot less than I expected to use. A good bonus though as I thought I'd go through this tube really quickly.

When I first used it, I immediately noticed how easy it was to brush through my hair when wet and still had the conditioner on. It can be a nightmare to brush through sometimes with other conditioners. It was also really easy to wash out after the 10 minutes were up. Something that other deep conditioners lack and I find my hair still feeling greasy despite just being washed.

Once my hair was dry and I'd slept on it, something I always have to do with my frizzy hair, it was soft and smooth! I was also impressed with how it defined my curls/waves and I definitely noticed a lot less frizz. Similarly to the shampoo and conditioner, I did notice the top of my hair and roots were a lot flatter than usual but I personally like that. The scent really lingers too which is nice.

Edit: Just got a Liz Earle leaflet through the door which says the Treatment will be £14.

Are you going to try this when it's released?


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