Christmas Sale Shopping

I'm not very good at sale shopping. Either I can never be bothered to look through everything or I only find things I like that aren't in the sale. Here's a few bits I did pick up today and a couple of extra presents I got from my family that came round the other day.
christmas sale shopping 01
I've wanted a necklace like this for ages but haven't seen one that isn't too expensive. I mostly wear plain tops so thought this would go with a lot of items I already own. This one was from Topshop, £7 reduced from £15. I would never have bought it full price, the same price is much more worth it.
christmas sale shopping 02
These three weren't in the sale but I had a gift card so thought I'd get them anyway. I went in looking for a cream blush but they only had Neon Rose which I didn't want. The nail polish, Mercury Miasma, looks nothing like it does in the photo. It's a light silver blue which sometimes looks like it has a bit of lilac in it. It has a bit of a foil finish to it like Models Own Blue Moon. I'm going to put it on tonight so will probably post a NOTD next Thursday.

I really wanted to get either a dark red or dark purple lipstick but they'd completely sold out. I went with Infrared which I've actually been wanting a while. This is my first Topshop lipstick but I'm really impressed with the formula and finish. Also bought Coy lipstick pencil which is a bright pink with a hint of peach. It's quite drying though so a good lip balm is needed.
christmas sale shopping 06
Can't have enough winter pajamas. Saw these when we were doing our Christmas food shop but they were £10 so waited until today and they'd been reduced down to £5. They're really thick and warm, just need some proper winter weather now!
christmas sale shopping 05
Also been wanting these for a while but new they be reduced at some point. Picked them up today for only £2.50 and they smell amazing. Literally like something you can eat.
christmas sale shopping 04
Green Glitter, Blue Glitter, Red Glitter.
The rest of the family came round to stay on Tuesday and we all exchanged presents. I got these lovely nail polishes from Barry M which for some reason I can never find in the shops. Not sure if they're only available on the website or my Superdrug/Boots just don't stock them.
christmas sale shopping 03
Once Upon A Time, Lavender Hexograms, Silver Cascade, Hologram


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