Aussie Bottle Challenge

aussie challenge 01 aussie challenge 02

Aussie are now selling their shampoo* and conditioners* in larger sizes so they've set us Angels a challenge to see how long they last. And to start us off they've sent us our very own giant inflatable shampoo bottle! This came in a giant cardboard box which I'm sure my cat's going to go crazy over!

I'm going to be keeping a diary of how many washes I can get out of the 500ml bottle of shampoo and the 400ml bottle of conditioner. I'll be putting it in my sidebar as well as updating in my Week In Photos posts.

I only wash my hair once a week so can see these bottles lasting me a really long time! They've also added a extra ingredient into their formulas to make them even better - aloe vera.

I'm going to start the challenge by washing my hair tonight!

How many washes do you think I'll get out of these bottles?


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