Week In Photos 060

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001 It's been a crafty week with learning how to crochet and knit! I found learning to crochet so much easier though which I wasn't expecting, much quicker to get the hand of it and for it to look neater. Wish it was the other way round though as I want to knit a big chunky scarf. I'm going to carry on with knitting though and hope it gets neater the more I do it.

002 Also a bit of a foody week with making mint chocolate cupcakes. I made salsa for the first time too after seeing the Shaytards make it so many times in their vlogs. It was SO good with nachos, cheese and sour cream. To accompany the nachos I tried out the Kopparberg elderflower & lime cider. Have to say, not a fan! I much prefer the mixed fruit or pear versions.

003 Tidied my bedroom finally and can now see my floor! It's been messy for so long with going to London and Darwin. My clothes have just been spread across the floor and my wardrobe practically empty. I'm having a move around of the furniture as well. I get so bored or my rooms after about 6 months so I just mix the layout up. Anyone else do this? Guess it's much cheaper than redecorating!

004 Finished my Lush wish list before, so many products I want to try! I also noticed a lot of "last chance to buy" stickers next to products. Some shocked me including Ma Bar bubble bar which is one of my favourites and Mrs Whippy ballistic. Wonder what they'll bring out to replace them all.

What's your favourite Lush product?


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  2. Crocheting is so easy to pick up - i really can't get my head around knitting though.


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