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Christmas is when I usually get a new perfume to try or get an old favourite, although I'm not getting one this year. Thought I'd talk about some of my favourites and what I currently have at the moment. I love the way perfumes bring back so many memories which you'll see when I talk about them below.

Maybe you'll add one to your wish list? I know I always do when I read posts about perfume.

christmas gift guide perfume

Nina Ricci Nina - This scent will forever remind me of my holiday to New York with my Best Friend as this is when I bought it. This has notes of apple, vanilla, cotton musk and cedar. This lasts a really long time on my skin and I just love the bottle.

Paco Rabanne Lady Million - This is my newest addition and I've already finished it! This has notes of neroli, orange flower, jasmine, raspberry and honey. Whenever I wear this, I always get people asking me what it is which I don't often get with my other perfumes. Definitely need to buy a new bottle of this.

Marc Jacobs Daisy - This is one of my all time favourites, one that I'll always have a bottle of until I stop liking it. Or they stop selling. It has notes of violet, strawberry and white wood. I find this lasts a really long time on my skin and is perfect for any time of the year.

Britney Spears Curious - This was the perfume I'd wear whenever I went out to town and have done for the past few years or so. Mainly because I had some in a atomizer so it was the smallest perfume I owned. I don't often wear this during the day as it's quite strong. It has notes of vanilla musk, pear, lotus flower and sandalwood. 

Lancome Hypnose - This one also reminds me of a holiday, ski trips with friends. To me, this is more of a winter perfume. It has notes of vanilla, passion flower and vetiver. It's quite musky but is suitable for during the day.

Acorelle Tea Garden* - This is definitely a spring and summer scent. It's a really light scent that's nice and refreshing. It smells very similar to the Liz Earle perfume. It has notes of lemon, mint, lavender, violet and wood.

Yardley London English Lavender - This is purely lavender scented and is the perfume I go for if I need something calming or if I can't sleep.

YLS Parisienne - Another favourite perfume, I have a mini bottle which I keep in my bag for top ups too. This reminds me of Venice this year as it's the perfume I wore. I love the bottle, probably one of my favourites. It has notes of rose, violet, peony, musk and sandalwood.

The perfume at the top of my wish list is Burberry Body. I had a tiny sample of this and loved it immediately which I wasn't expecting.

What's your favourite perfume?


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