Orly Primetime, Bonder & Polishield

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I've found it hard to find good basecoat and top coats, I've tried a lot but they just never work on me. For some reason they make my polishes chip quicker than if I just use the polish on it's own. They either peel or chip straight away. I've even had this problem with OPI ones and Seche Vite.

I first heard about Orly Bonder on Lacquerized's Blog and it's been on my wish list ever since. I finally picked it up in this trio from Boots the other month. The set includes Primetime, Bonder and Polished.

Primetime is a primer which you apply before any colour or even your basecoat. I don't really like this and isn't necessary. It just doesn't really do anything and just adds another layer or polish which could make it chip. It's also really watery which I find quite hard to apply evenly. It also makes applying a polish on top of it harder. Basically you can skip this one.

Bonder on the other hand is amazing. It's an apricot coloured basecoat which applies clear. It makes applying a coloured polish a dream. It dries really quickly too so you don't have to wait too long to apply your next layer of polish. It makes my polish last much longer than if I didn't use it. I also find I need to apply less layers of coloured polish which is always a bonus.

Polishield works much like Bonder does. It's a topcoat that makes your polish dry really quickly without bubbling. It's really glossy too and seems to fix any imperfections there might be in the layer underneath.

This trio of minis is £13 from Boots and each individually is £5. Once I use up these I'll be ordering the full sizes from Ebay for about £8 each.


  1. Bonder sounds really good, I'll have to check these out! x



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