Nail Art Kit - Christmas Gift Guide

I'm actually thinking of getting someone a nail art kit for Christmas so thought I'd share some cheap links if you're thinking of buying some for yourself or others. These are what I currently have although the Konad set and plates are one of my Christmas presents. It arrived the other morning so thought I'd include it.

nail art kit christmas gift guide ebay

Nail Wheels - These are great to practice your nail art or for swatching your nail polishes, which is what I do. I buy mine from Ebay in packs of 10 for £1.99 with free delivery.

Dotting Tools - Dotting tools make polka dots SO easy to do and they look really good. You can also use them to create other designs such as flowers or adding details like eyes for the Eek nails. I bought mine from Ebay from the same seller as the nail wheels for only £1.68. You get 5 in a pack but they're double ended so you really get 10 dotting tools. They're all different sizes which gives different effects.

Nail Art Brushes - Apart from the long thin brushes, these are more for the advanced nail art designs. The long thin brushes can be used just like the Models Own nail art pen but with any nail polish. These are perfect for adding details. I haven't quite found a use for the fan brushes though. Again, I bought mine from the same seller as the dotting tools and nail wheels. The 15 brushes only cost £1.98.

Konad Stamping Kit & Plates - As these are a Christmas Present I obviously haven't used them yet but I really can't wait to. Konad allows you to create really detailed and intricate designs, that once you get the hang of it, are really easy to do. There are so many different plates available and go for about £5 on ebay. You can probably buy several plates together for a cheaper price, you just have to message the seller. I bought these from a UK seller on ebay which came to about £15.

Models Own Wah Nails nail art pen - Since buying mine, Models Own have changed the packaging slightly but it's still the same thing. For a beginner, black is a great colour to start with. It'll go with any other coloured polish and is really versatile. The Models Own one costs £6 and is also available in white. Alternatively you can buy nail art pens on ebay if you're interested in specific colours.

Models Own Snow White nail polish - Instead of a white nail art pen I just use their white polish as it's pretty opaque in one coat.  That's really key with nail art, opaque colours will work best. Especially for Konad.

What's really great with a nail art kit is that you can create it to match your budget. If you bought everything in this photo it would come to around £30 but you could create a kit for only £5. Once you have everything you can wrap everything up and it creates a great little set. Whoever you give this to is then set to give nail art a go.


  1. thats such a great idea! thanks for this post, its helped me with gift ideas! :) x

  2. Love your post - everything you need all in one place! And it's not overly expensive! x


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