Boudoir Prive November Box

I know I said in my last Boudoir Prive box that I was going to cancel my subscription, well I didn't. I going to wait till after the Christmas box comes out before canceling as I have a feeling it's going to be a good one!
boudoir prive september box 13 boudoir prive september box 12 boudoir prive november box 02 boudoir prive november box 01 I have mixed feelings about this months box, two of the products just aren't for me and I know they'll never get used.
Rahua shampoo and conditioner - Excited to give these a try as I'm always on the look out for new hair products. Not sure what they smell like as I don't want open the sachets but they're sulphate free which is perfect for my sensitive scalp.

Dead Sea Spa Magik body lotion - A really great size for a sample! (50ml) Haven't tried anything from Dead Sea before so looking forward to giving this a go. Not so keen on the scent but this wont stop me from using it.

Korres Wild Rose 24hour moisturiser - Have't tried anything from the skin care line from Korres before but always been tempted to. It doesn't smell like roses to me though, can't pin point what it does smell like though.

Studio Make-up lipstick in shimmering sands - This is one of the products I don't like. The colour is ok and would probably look good if it wasn't for the horrible shimmer. I'm not a fan of shimmer or glitter in my lip products. Wish I'd got the red lipstick. I love the way it opens though, similar to a Jemma Kidd on I think?

Vinies luminous skin mask - This is the second product that just isn't going to get used. I've read a lot of people saying that this makes their skin really bright red and hot for about an hour or so after using it. With my sensitive skin there is no way I'm going to apply this to my face as I know I'll have an allergic reaction to it. Going to see if my mum wants to give this a go otherwise it'll be going into my donating box.

Really excited to see what's going to be in the next months box, I hope it has a Christmas theme and a candy cane inside would be good! Also have a couple of Latest In Beauty boxes coming soon which I just ordered so excited to use what's inside them.


  1. I'm also super excited for next months box. I really hope that it isn't a disappointment!

    I too had Shimmering Sands and was disappointed, really want the red shade :(

    I took the risk and used the mask yesterday and my skin was fine after, no redness at all and lovely and soft. BP actually wrote a fb update about this earlier, here it is

    "‎*Vinies Ayurveda’s Soul Luminous Skin Mask * Please don't panic when using the Vinies Luminous Skin Mask. We know it’s a bit ‘unusual’, as most face masks we are used to ‘sit’ on the skin with little or no real effect on the health of the skin. The results you’re experiencing is the desired effect-it’s normal! When we tested it ourselves a few weeks ago, we had varying degrees of 'heat' generated, which we expected as we all have different skin-types. Afterwards though, when the heat subsided our skin glowed and was nice and plump-like ‘new’ skin! The redness does go away - it may take a while for some but it does fade! What is actually happening is the heat and redness is generated into the skin as a natural response to the increased face circulation from the potent Ayurvedic formulation. The blood-rich facial skin starts the regenerating, rejuvenating and purifying process. Frequent use makes the skin younger, which is why it is popular with the Vogue set. Only if you get a rash would we say a negative ‘reaction’ has occurred and advise you discontinue use immediately."

  2. @Stundon, wish we could have had a choice on which colour we got! Thanks for the info, saw this on their facebook before too. Still not going to use it though, I get eczema on my face and can just see the mask irritating it :) xx


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