30 November 2011

Alva Spot Treatment

For me, liquid spot treatments always seem to work better than creams. With the exception of sudocream and Panoxyl. My skin scars really easily so I like to get rid of spots as quickly as possible as I find this lessens the discoloration left behind.
alva pimple spot stick treatment mypure review 02

The Alva Rhassoul Pimple Stick combats bacteria that cause spots and blemishes, and helps to dry the spots out without dehydrating the surrounding skin tissue. Compact, easy to apply and ideal for travelling. Rhassoul Pimple Stick is also suitable for treating insect bites and stings as the tea tree oil and manuka oil help prevent itching and promote wound healing.

I've only been using this on spots so I can't comment on how it treats insect bites or stings as I simply haven't had any. Although it would have been perfect for when I was volunteering in August, I was always getting nettle stings when I was gardening.

Alva spot treatment* is housed in a 5ml glass tube with a sponge ball where the product comes out of. It's tiny so is perfect for keeping in your handbag or for traveling. The only problem with the sponge applicator is  keeping it clean and sanitary. The way I do this is by putting some of the liquid onto a clean hand, then applying to the spot.

I tend to apply this at night after I've cleansed my skin and can see a difference when I wake up the next morning. The blemishes aren't as red or noticeable anymore. I also find that they heal a lot quicker than if I didn't use this.

It has a very strong smell, mainly tea tree oil. I don't mind the scent but I know some people wouldn't like it.

This spot treatment is comparable to the one by Liz Earle but slightly cheaper at £6.70.
alva pimple spot stick treatment mypure review 01

29 November 2011

Liz Earle Part 2 - Christmas Gift Ideas

So this is the second part of the Liz Earle Christmas Gift Ideas, you can read the first one here.

liz earle christmas gift guide clear skin for her
Clear Skin For Her - This skin care duo will help to clear up any breakouts and keep the skin looking clear and healthy. This gift set contain 100ml Cleanse & Polish, two muslin cloths and Spot On for £22.25.

liz earle christmas gift guide daily face treats
Daily Face Treats - This is the perfect started kit if you're new to liz Earle products or even if you use these on a daily basis but want them in travel sizes. This kit contains Cleanse & Polish, muslin cloth, Instant Boost Skin Tonic and Skin Repair Moisturiser to suit your skin type for £15.25.

liz earle christmas gift guide cleanse and colour
Cleanse & Colour Duo - If you use these two products together you'll have natural looking skin every day. This kit is perfect if you want to stock up on both products or if you want to try them out for the first time. You'll also receive sample sizes of each shade available in the Skin Tint to make sure your colour choice is right. This kit includes 100ml Cleanse & Polish, muslin cloth and Sheer Skin Tint for £34.75.

liz earle christmas gift guide hand set 02 liz earle christmas gift guide hand set 01 Pampering Hand Treat* - I actually have this one wrapped and boxed to show you how each gift would come. Love the squirrel pattern! Inside the products come wrapped up in Liz Earle tissue paper. This is the perfect gift for winter as all our skin gets noticeably dryer in the winter, my hands especially. The hand wash is probably my favourite from this set, it feels so luxurious when you use it and it smells amazing. In this set you'll get Orange flower Hand Wash, 100ml Hand Repair moisturiser and Superbalm for £19.95.

28 November 2011

Boudoir Prive November Box

I know I said in my last Boudoir Prive box that I was going to cancel my subscription, well I didn't. I going to wait till after the Christmas box comes out before canceling as I have a feeling it's going to be a good one!
boudoir prive september box 13 boudoir prive september box 12 boudoir prive november box 02 boudoir prive november box 01 I have mixed feelings about this months box, two of the products just aren't for me and I know they'll never get used.
Rahua shampoo and conditioner - Excited to give these a try as I'm always on the look out for new hair products. Not sure what they smell like as I don't want open the sachets but they're sulphate free which is perfect for my sensitive scalp.

Dead Sea Spa Magik body lotion - A really great size for a sample! (50ml) Haven't tried anything from Dead Sea before so looking forward to giving this a go. Not so keen on the scent but this wont stop me from using it.

Korres Wild Rose 24hour moisturiser - Have't tried anything from the skin care line from Korres before but always been tempted to. It doesn't smell like roses to me though, can't pin point what it does smell like though.

Studio Make-up lipstick in shimmering sands - This is one of the products I don't like. The colour is ok and would probably look good if it wasn't for the horrible shimmer. I'm not a fan of shimmer or glitter in my lip products. Wish I'd got the red lipstick. I love the way it opens though, similar to a Jemma Kidd on I think?

Vinies luminous skin mask - This is the second product that just isn't going to get used. I've read a lot of people saying that this makes their skin really bright red and hot for about an hour or so after using it. With my sensitive skin there is no way I'm going to apply this to my face as I know I'll have an allergic reaction to it. Going to see if my mum wants to give this a go otherwise it'll be going into my donating box.

Really excited to see what's going to be in the next months box, I hope it has a Christmas theme and a candy cane inside would be good! Also have a couple of Latest In Beauty boxes coming soon which I just ordered so excited to use what's inside them.


27 November 2011

Week In Photos 062

week in photos 062 01 week in photos 062 02 week in photos 062 03 week in photos 062 04

001 Bit of a late Week In Photos post as I fell asleep at 7pm (!!) for a few hours which totally messed up my sleep pattern and wanting to write this post.

002 Tried making pretzel M&M kisses after watching Bethany's video! It took a good few batches to get the temperature and timing right as my oven isn't very good. They taste great although I'd try and find unsalted pretzels next time as I'm not a huge fan of salt. I also bought the Hershey Kisses from Asda if you're wondering where I got them from.

003 Cat acting cute while sleeping but also being a pain by jumping/sitting everywhere he shouldn't!


25 November 2011

Nail Art Kit - Christmas Gift Guide

I'm actually thinking of getting someone a nail art kit for Christmas so thought I'd share some cheap links if you're thinking of buying some for yourself or others. These are what I currently have although the Konad set and plates are one of my Christmas presents. It arrived the other morning so thought I'd include it.

nail art kit christmas gift guide ebay

Nail Wheels - These are great to practice your nail art or for swatching your nail polishes, which is what I do. I buy mine from Ebay in packs of 10 for £1.99 with free delivery.

Dotting Tools - Dotting tools make polka dots SO easy to do and they look really good. You can also use them to create other designs such as flowers or adding details like eyes for the Eek nails. I bought mine from Ebay from the same seller as the nail wheels for only £1.68. You get 5 in a pack but they're double ended so you really get 10 dotting tools. They're all different sizes which gives different effects.

Nail Art Brushes - Apart from the long thin brushes, these are more for the advanced nail art designs. The long thin brushes can be used just like the Models Own nail art pen but with any nail polish. These are perfect for adding details. I haven't quite found a use for the fan brushes though. Again, I bought mine from the same seller as the dotting tools and nail wheels. The 15 brushes only cost £1.98.

Konad Stamping Kit & Plates - As these are a Christmas Present I obviously haven't used them yet but I really can't wait to. Konad allows you to create really detailed and intricate designs, that once you get the hang of it, are really easy to do. There are so many different plates available and go for about £5 on ebay. You can probably buy several plates together for a cheaper price, you just have to message the seller. I bought these from a UK seller on ebay which came to about £15.

Models Own Wah Nails nail art pen - Since buying mine, Models Own have changed the packaging slightly but it's still the same thing. For a beginner, black is a great colour to start with. It'll go with any other coloured polish and is really versatile. The Models Own one costs £6 and is also available in white. Alternatively you can buy nail art pens on ebay if you're interested in specific colours.

Models Own Snow White nail polish - Instead of a white nail art pen I just use their white polish as it's pretty opaque in one coat.  That's really key with nail art, opaque colours will work best. Especially for Konad.

What's really great with a nail art kit is that you can create it to match your budget. If you bought everything in this photo it would come to around £30 but you could create a kit for only £5. Once you have everything you can wrap everything up and it creates a great little set. Whoever you give this to is then set to give nail art a go.

23 November 2011

Living Nature Clear Lights Tinted Moisturiser In Dawn Lign

I've really been into trying different tinted moisturisers other the past few months. Ever since I tried the Liz Earle Sheet Skin Tint really. I have another one that I'm reviewing today and I'm thinking of doing a comparison between a couple of different ones in the next month or so.

This is the Clear Lights Tinted Moisturiser* from Living Nature and I have it in the lightest shade, Dawn Light.
As usual, when you open the cardboard lid you see "smile" which is always a nice thing to see.
living nature clear lights tinted moisturiser dawn light mypure review 01 living nature clear lights tinted moisturiser dawn light mypure review 06 living nature clear lights tinted moisturiser dawn light mypure review 05
living nature clear lights tinted moisturiser dawn light mypure review 04
I really like the packaging, that it's all black and fairly compact. I don't like how you dispense the product though which you can see in the photo below. After a few uses it just becomes messy and I always find too much product comes out. It would be much better if it had a pump or even nozzle like the Liz Earle one.

It's a great size as most foundations or tinted moisturisers are 30ml. This one is 50ml so will last longer than usual. For applying, I've been using my fingers as I find this works best. I've tried various brushes but the finish just isn't as nice.

If you're looking for medium to full coverage, this isn't for you. It's has very light coverage so works if you're looking for something to even out your skin tone. Pair this with a good concealer for any blemishes or under eye circles and your done. It's also very light on the skin and feels like your not wearing anything. I hate it when you can feel your foundation throughout the day, not for me. The finish is nice and dewy, perfect for my dry skin and lasts all day. Those with oily skin would need to powder.

It has quite a strong scent, very natural and slightly floral which I can see some people not liking. This hasn't irritated my skin at all though and is something that has grown on me. Once it's on your skin you can't smell it any more.
living nature clear lights tinted moisturiser dawn light mypure review 03
There isn't a great colour selection with only 3  shades to choose from. I have very pale skin, usually with the lightest shade still being too dark for me. The lightest shade, dawn light, is slightly too dark for me but I can get away with it if I blend the edges well. It also helps that the formula is so easy to work with.

It would work a lot better if there were samples available of each shade to try before buying the full size as it isn't cheap if the colour doesn't match. From other reviews that I've read, the darkest shade isn't really that dark. It probably suits those with an olive skin tone but wouldn't work for darker skins.
living nature clear lights tinted moisturiser dawn light mypure review 09 living nature clear lights tinted moisturiser dawn light mypure review 08

This tinted moisturiser costs £17.99, if you can find the right shade for you then it's worth the money.

Have you tried this before? Or any of the Living Nature foundations?

22 November 2011

Liz Earle Part 1 - Christmas Gift Ideas

If you've been reading my blog for a while, or even since the beginning, you'll know that I'm a big fan of Liz Earle products. I've been using them for years and even though I'll try other products, I'll always end up going back to these.

The gift sets are a great way to try out their products for the first time as you can get them in either travel size or full size. I've given and received several of them over the years and they've always gone down well.

I'm splitting this post over two as I wanted to show a variety on price as well as products. I've complied these from the products I have at the moment so they're not beautifully gift wrapped like they would be if you were to buy them.
liz earle christmas gift guide mens try me kit
Men's Try Me Kit - This isn't in the Christmas gift range so is available all year round. In fact, I bought this gift set for my dad last Christmas to try and get him to stop washing his face with plain old hand soap. This is the perfect gift set if your other half is forever using your products, or even your brother or dad. It contains a muslin cloth, Cleanse & Polish, Sensitive Shave Cream, Face and Body Wash and an After-shaving Moisturiser housed in a cute little travel toiletry bag for £16.00

liz earle christmas gift guide limited edition cleanse and polish
Limited Edition Cleanse & Polish - This is actually my one from last year, or even the year before so the bottle design is a little different. This is perfect if you've already fallen in love with this hot cloth cleanser as it's a giant bottle. This 150ml bottle, with the normal size being 100ml, costs £18.50 and comes with a muslin cloth.

liz earle christmas gift guide botanical shine
Botanical Shine Duo - I'm actually on my second bottle of the shampoo at the moment. The conditioner is really rich so you only need a small amount, I'm still on the first tube so it definitely lasts a long time. You can buy this duo, picking which hair type you have, all nicely wrapped up for Christmas for only £16.00. You can read the Mother and Daughter review I did this mothers day for more information.

liz earle christmas gift guide free gift to you
Finally, this isn't a gift set you can buy, it's what you get free if you spend £70.00 or over. The gift includes the Cleanse & Polish with muslin cloth, Instant Boost Skin Tonic, Skin Repair Moisturiser, Superskin Concentrate and Superbalm.

20 November 2011

Week In Photos 061

week in photos 061 01 week in photos 061 02 week in photos 061 03

001 Been filling up my Wreck This Journal this week, it's been sitting on my bookshelf unloved for so long. I must have had it for about 1 year but just haven't really wanted to use it. Browsing Tumblr I spotted a few photos of other Wreck This Journal's and was inspired to get mine out.

002 My favourite page so far is the Stain Log page. Although there is another page in the book which tells you to rip out your favourite page and give it to someone. Think I'm going to have to pick another favourite page as I don't want to get rid of this one.

003 Think when I complete this one I'm going to get another of Keri Smiths books. Now I've got started with this one properly I'm really enjoying it.

004 Some of the pages are a bit boring so I'm going to have to get thinking on how to make them more interesting. Although I was printing with peppers and paint in it yesterday, that was quite fun.

005 I'm not going to be documenting every page like I said I would when I got it, instead I'll probably just include some photos in up coming Week In Photos posts like this one.

18 November 2011

Perfume - Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is when I usually get a new perfume to try or get an old favourite, although I'm not getting one this year. Thought I'd talk about some of my favourites and what I currently have at the moment. I love the way perfumes bring back so many memories which you'll see when I talk about them below.

Maybe you'll add one to your wish list? I know I always do when I read posts about perfume.

christmas gift guide perfume

Nina Ricci Nina - This scent will forever remind me of my holiday to New York with my Best Friend as this is when I bought it. This has notes of apple, vanilla, cotton musk and cedar. This lasts a really long time on my skin and I just love the bottle.

Paco Rabanne Lady Million - This is my newest addition and I've already finished it! This has notes of neroli, orange flower, jasmine, raspberry and honey. Whenever I wear this, I always get people asking me what it is which I don't often get with my other perfumes. Definitely need to buy a new bottle of this.

Marc Jacobs Daisy - This is one of my all time favourites, one that I'll always have a bottle of until I stop liking it. Or they stop selling. It has notes of violet, strawberry and white wood. I find this lasts a really long time on my skin and is perfect for any time of the year.

Britney Spears Curious - This was the perfume I'd wear whenever I went out to town and have done for the past few years or so. Mainly because I had some in a atomizer so it was the smallest perfume I owned. I don't often wear this during the day as it's quite strong. It has notes of vanilla musk, pear, lotus flower and sandalwood. 

Lancome Hypnose - This one also reminds me of a holiday, ski trips with friends. To me, this is more of a winter perfume. It has notes of vanilla, passion flower and vetiver. It's quite musky but is suitable for during the day.

Acorelle Tea Garden* - This is definitely a spring and summer scent. It's a really light scent that's nice and refreshing. It smells very similar to the Liz Earle perfume. It has notes of lemon, mint, lavender, violet and wood.

Yardley London English Lavender - This is purely lavender scented and is the perfume I go for if I need something calming or if I can't sleep.

YLS Parisienne - Another favourite perfume, I have a mini bottle which I keep in my bag for top ups too. This reminds me of Venice this year as it's the perfume I wore. I love the bottle, probably one of my favourites. It has notes of rose, violet, peony, musk and sandalwood.

The perfume at the top of my wish list is Burberry Body. I had a tiny sample of this and loved it immediately which I wasn't expecting.

What's your favourite perfume?

16 November 2011

What's In My Bag - Updated

I haven't done a What's In My Bag post for over 2 years! I'm using a different bag from then so thought I'd post an updated one.

The bag I'm currently using is by Kathy Van Zeeland which I bought last year from Tkmaxx for about £40. I'm not sure of the name of the bag or what style, I've had a look on google but couldn't find anything about it. It's coming up a lot darker in the photos due to the horrible lighting at the moment.
I love all the details on it, that it has two different handles and lots of pockets inside.
whats in my bag 06 whats in my bag 05 whats in my bag 04 whats in my bag 03 whats in my bag 02
Clinique apple pouch - contents below // YLS Parisienne - current perfume // compact mirror // Mac tinted lip conditioner in Petting Pink // Blistex MediPlus // depotted Elizabeht Arden 8 hour cream 
various pens // passport // mini Moleskin notebook // tissues // Ipod touch & headphones // phone
Kindle - currently reading Girl With A Dragon Tatoo // purse // sunglasses

whats in my bag 01
depotted Lush Dream Cream // Alva spot treatment // Liz Earle Superbalm // clips // bobbles/ blister plasters // tea bags // Alva hand cream

It's so funny to look back on what I was carrying two years ago! I still have the same mirror, lip balm, phone and ipod! I still have the same keys too but they weren't in my bag when I took this photo, they're usually in the kitchen until I need them.

I was pleasantly surprised to find no rubbish or junk in my bag. You'll usually find discarded receipts and coins as well as random items that aren't meant to be in there. I always carry a water bottle with me but that's not very exciting not photograph. My camera is usually in my bag too but that's what I'm taking the photo with :)

Have you done the What's In My Bag tag? Link me!

15 November 2011

Minnie Mouse NOTD

minnie mouse notd nail polish models own white snow opi colour so hot it burns

One of my favourite manicures I've done for a long time! This was inspired by Lauren Conrads twitpic of her Halloween nails. I'm not a usual fan of red nails, I just don't think it really suits me, but with white polka dots I love it.

I used one coat of Orly Bonder, two coats of OPI's Colour So Hot It Berns, one coat of polka dots using Models Own Snow White & dotting tool. Finally finishing off with a thick coat of Orly Polished.

14 November 2011

Ahava The Gift Of Small Pleasures - Christmas Gift Ideas

I'm starting a little mini series just in time for Christmas shopping. I'll be posting one a week up until Christmas and if you have any suggestions for gifts let me know!

Today I have a gift set from Ahava*, an internationally renowned skincare collection developed by the Dead Sea Laboratories. Ahava small pleasures gift set christmas 03

This kit includes 5 different products, all great sizes, inside a cosmetic bag and retails for £25. There are two body products and three for the face. 
Essential Day Moisturiser for normal to dry skin
Mineral Hand Cream
Mineral Body Lotion
All In One Toning Cleanser
Purifying Mud Mask

Ahava small pleasures gift set christmas 02
Ahava small pleasures gift set christmas 01

Mineral Hand Cream - This is the perfect hand bag size! It sinks in really quickly and leaves your skin noticeably softer and moisturised. This doesn't mean it leaves behind an oily residue or greasy feeling though. Once applied my hands are left feeling really silky and smooth.

Mineral Body Lotion - This is the only product out of the five I've already tried before. I got a sample of this in my August Glossy Box and am glad to have a back up. This is the biggest sample being 40ml. It sinks in so well, perfect for using in the mornings as it doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy.

All In One Toning Cleanser - This is a bit different to the cleansers I normally use, it doesn't need washing off. It's a pampering cleanser and toning milk combined. You simply apply it to your skin and remove with cotton pads. For me this is the type of cleanser I'd take with me if I was staying at a friends house or traveling. Say on a plane or long car journey where you don't have access to a proper bathroom. Instead of a daily cleanser. It's really gentle and doesn't contain SLS which is always a bonus. This can also be used to remove eye make-up.

Purifying Mud Mask - This mud mask is thinner than others that I've tried but this makes it slightly easier to apply. You apply it all over the face, avoiding the eye area, and leave on for 2 minutes then wash away. I use the Liz Earle sponge to remove it as I find this the easiest way. Or a muslin cloth or flannel works really well too. I use this once a week as I have sensitive skin but if you have more normal or oily skin you could use it more often. I've found this helps to clear any blackheads similar to the Liz Earle mud mask.

Essential Day Moisturiser - All the products in this gift set have a very similar scent, slightly fruity but natural. This is a bit heavy for the sensitive skin on my face but for most this wont be a problem. Other than that this is a really nice light moisturiser that wont clog any pores and doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy. The only downside is that this is for normal to dry skin so may not works for those with an oily complexion.

Ahava small pleasures gift set christmas

I've been using the bag included in the gift set for my everyday products which I also took away with me at the start of the month. It's a great size and fits in everything I need including the Urban Decay Naked palette. I haven't been taking this palette away with me because it didn't fit in any of my cosmetic bags but I have one which does now. I also like that it's partly see through so I can see what I have. I have a post lined up with the contents so if you're interested to see what I'm using at the moment it should be up in the next few days.

13 November 2011

Week In Photos 060

week in photos 060 03 week in photos 060 02 week in photos 060 01 week in photos 060 05 week in photos 060 04 week in photos 060 06

001 It's been a crafty week with learning how to crochet and knit! I found learning to crochet so much easier though which I wasn't expecting, much quicker to get the hand of it and for it to look neater. Wish it was the other way round though as I want to knit a big chunky scarf. I'm going to carry on with knitting though and hope it gets neater the more I do it.

002 Also a bit of a foody week with making mint chocolate cupcakes. I made salsa for the first time too after seeing the Shaytards make it so many times in their vlogs. It was SO good with nachos, cheese and sour cream. To accompany the nachos I tried out the Kopparberg elderflower & lime cider. Have to say, not a fan! I much prefer the mixed fruit or pear versions.

003 Tidied my bedroom finally and can now see my floor! It's been messy for so long with going to London and Darwin. My clothes have just been spread across the floor and my wardrobe practically empty. I'm having a move around of the furniture as well. I get so bored or my rooms after about 6 months so I just mix the layout up. Anyone else do this? Guess it's much cheaper than redecorating!

004 Finished my Lush wish list before, so many products I want to try! I also noticed a lot of "last chance to buy" stickers next to products. Some shocked me including Ma Bar bubble bar which is one of my favourites and Mrs Whippy ballistic. Wonder what they'll bring out to replace them all.

What's your favourite Lush product?

11 November 2011

Tiffany Blue Poka Dot - NOTD

Today I have a NOTD for you and using my dotting tools for the first time!

notd polka dot china glaze for audrey nail polish 03
I'm sticking with the Tiffany box colours and using China Glaze For Audrey and Models Own Snow White. I used Models Own 3 in 1 as the top coat.

I love For Audrey but I just wish the formula was better, it's really streaky and thin. I haven't come across a better Tiffany dupe though. White Snow is great for nail art, it's opaque with only one coat. This is the first time I used the top coat, it hasn't made my nails chip yet (which a lot of topcoats do on me) but it did bubble when drying.

notd polka dot china glaze for audrey nail polish 04
I love these dotting tools, they're double ended so in total you get 10 tools. I bought mine from Ebay for £1.68! That includes delivery too. They're all different sizes, a couple are different shapes, so there are endless designs you could create. I've gone for simple dots though since it is the first time I'm using them.

notd polka dot china glaze for audrey nail polish 02 notd polka dot china glaze for audrey nail polish 01
I painted two coats of For Audrey and waited for them to dry. I then poured a bit of Snow White onto a plastic lid and simply put my dotting tool into the polish and dabbed it onto the nail.

One of the simplest nail art designs but one that looks really effective. I can't wait to try it with other colours.
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