Week In Photos 058

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001 I did intend to have today's post Halloween themed but I was too tired when I got in last night to write and post my Week In Photos post. I've been on so many trains this week I don't want to see one for a long time! I bought cheap tickets to London which meant I could only get on London Midland trains and they were just a nightmare. When something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Definitely learnt this, this weekend!

002 Wednesday to Friday I was working the BuyArtFair in Manchester which was really interesting. We got to see and help with the set up of the exhibition as well as the private view. This meant long days with traveling from Liverpool to Manchester each day.

003 Saturday I went off to London for the Aussie event and I took my lovely cousin with me. It was a really great night and the venue was perfect! It was on an open roof top which you can kinda see from the photos. Definitely didn't help that we were both so tired! It was great to see everyone and meet some new bloggers and plus 1's!

004 Sunday was a shopping day with my first trip to Space NK to pick up one of my Christmas presents! I do wish we had one in Liverpool. Also found my next perfume purchase, Tom Ford's Black Orchid. I first heard about this perfume from Laura (BuyNowBlogLater). I never thought it would be one that I'd like though so never smelt it until yesterday. I loved it immediately and the huge bonus is that I could still smell it about 12 hours later! It's not the cheapest perfume so it may be a while until I actually buy it.


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