Week In Photos 057

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Chai Lattes & ginger syrup cakes // sleepy cat // making iced cupcakes with jam in the middle // picking apples from the tree in my garden // & filling the kitchen up with them.

001 The week just gone has been nice and relaxing! Monday I helped my mum put up an exhibition in the Victoria Gallery & Museum then just been catching up with everything the rest of the week. Having to put up with my hey fever driving me crazy towards the end & today!

002 This week's pretty jam packed! I'm working wed-fri at the BuyArtFair in Manchester then I'm in London Saturday & Sunday for the Aussie event. Excited to see my family down there, haven't seen them since June!

The blog I've discovered this week is Elle Yeah written by Elodie.


  1. Ooo those cupcakes look so good! And your cat is so cute :)

    Have fun in Manchester and London! Sounds like a pretty busy week. Love weeks like that. xx

  2. Thank you so much for featuring me! I had no idea! I'm so glad you did, so I found your blog.


  3. Oooh I love Chai Latte! I haven't bought any for soooooo long - I'll def have to pick some up at the weekend! :) xxx


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