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recent purchases 01 03 recent purchases 01 02 recent purchases 01 01 recent purchases 01 04 Since being on a spending ban since the start of September I've been pretty good and haven't really bought anything. Thought it was time to treat myself to a few bits and I also had a gift card to spend.

Primark PJ bottoms - I love Primarks pajamas as they're cheap, comfy and they have really great patterns. Especially the Christmas or winter ones! Love these ones as they have reindeer on them. They're quite thin for winter pjs but that's great for me. If I get too hot while I'm sleeping it can set off my eczema so I prefer thinner clothes. Then if I get too cold I can just use a blanket.

H&M Hareem Trousers - I've had a Liverpool One gift card since August and just didn't know what to spend it on. I actually haven't seen much I like in the shops recently. Clothes wise anyway. And I didn't want to spend it on something I didn't love. I intended to get a jumper from Topshop but they didn't have any I liked. I then found these trousers in H&M and loved them as soon as I saw them. I have really short legs but find hareem trousers suit me a lot better then other types. I love the colour of them, perfect for Autumn and Winter. I really like he draw string detail too. Would have preferred it in gold but that's just me being fussy!

Orly Nail Polish Trio - I had a double points voucher for Boots so decided to get these mini polishes from Orly. I've wanted to try Bonder, the basecoat, for ages since reading about it on various blogs. The trio costs around £13 whereas each polish would cost £5 if bought separately. Not a lot of saving but was my way of justifying the purchase! I'm loving Bonder and Polished so far but think the Primer is unnecessary. Word of warning though if you're thinking of buying any of the mini Orly polishes from Boots. Check the brushes before you buy. A couple I saw where all messed up and I'm glad I spotted it before buying.

 L'Occitane Hand Cream - A freebie with Marie Claire. My favourite hand cream but I really didn't like the scent of the one I tried last time this offer was on. I was hoping Cocoa Flower would smell a lot nicer. IT's much better but still not my kind of scent. This is going to stop me using it though as it's so moisturising!

OPI I Lily Love You Nail Polish - I just adore this colour! I bought it cheap from the ASOS sale and am so glad I did. It makes the perfect top coat! I've only used it over black so far but it looks amazing. Photos coming soon!

H&M Angora Blend Knee High Socks - This was another purchase made with my gift card and I got a £5 H&M gift card back for spending over a certain amount. Love these socks for when I'm wearing tights and boots!

So that's me set for a while as I'm still on my spending ban!

What have you bought recently?


  1. Cute buys!! Gosh you've done so well to not spend much since the beginning of September!!
    Adore L'Occitaine hand creams.. I got the Hibiscus flower one free in my Marie Claire.. smells like peaches!
    George |

  2. Love that OPI shade, so sparkly and pink!

  3. I loooove the PJ bottoms, so cute! Can´t wait to get some myself:) The harem trousers also look really cool. Good haul, I´d say:) x


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