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products I've finished 07 Lush Therapy massage bar - One that I obviously couldn't photograph as it doesn't have any packaging. One of my favourite massage bars from Lush. It smells amazing! Exactly like orange chocolate. It's incredibly moistursing and I use it like a bath melt sometimes when my skin is feeling drier than normal.

Lush Dream Cream - Also my favourite body moisturiser as it works really well to control my eczema. You can read my full review here. Luckily I have another tub so I don't have to worry about buying another one.

Alva Naturkosmetik Salva-derm Cream* -  This is great for when my eczema has flared up and is really itchy as it's really calming. It also actually stops the itching as well. I just wish I wasn't on a spending ban otherwise I'd buy another one. It's not cheap though. You can read my full review here.

Tara Smith C Curls Conditioner - This is one of the 3 conditioners I rotate between using. It's nothing amazing but doesn't irritate my scalp so I stick with it. Although it is really hard to find now Asda have stopped selling the range.

Olavie Chardonnay Body Butter- I really liked this body lotion although it was pretty hard to get out the tube. It smells really nice too. Not sure how easily it is to buy the full size as it's in dollars on the website.

DKNY Delicious Night perfume - I love the green and pink blossom versions and this is no exception. I'll probably buy a bottle at some point.

Tropic Body Smooth Refreshing Polish - Another Boudoir Prive product that I really enjoyed using. I got one full body application out of this tub. It smells great, really citrus and definitely refreshing. The formula really reminded me of Lush Rub Rub Rub.

Sea Kelp Body Wash - A typical hotel shower gel that smells really nice.

Alva Foot Care Balm* - You can read my full review here. After finished I wouldn't repurchase, I used it up too quickly to justify the price.

OPI Rapi-dry Top Coat - The first nail polish that I've actually finished! Although it is only a mini bottle. I actually really like this top coat which is unusual for me. Think I might add this to my Christmas list.

Cowshed Lip Balm - Wasn't very impressed with this lip balm. It was too watery and didn't really do anything to moisturise my lips.

Blistex Intensive Lip Balm - This is more of a cream for your lips than a lip balm, guess you can tell from the name really. Definitively one to be used at night as it leaves a white hint to your lips. Will be buying a new one once I finish a few more of the lip balms I already have.

Blistex Lip Massage - A really nice lip balm but the massage part is a bit gimmicky. I won't be buying another one as I think the other blistex lip balms work just as well.


  1. I'm really looking forward to getting some Dream Cream in a week - that's the third recommendation I've seen this week for eczema-related problems! How does it do on the face? I have oily/combination skin, but I also have patches of eczema on my face which I'm not keen on using my Diprobase on, as my face gets so oily! x

  2. @Cami, I've never used it on the face as it has quite a strong scent so think my skin just wouldn't like it. For the eczema on my face I have a cream prescribed by the doctor which does the job, I have dry/normal skin though :) xx

  3. That chardonay one was amazing, right?! And I really want to get my hands on a tub of dream cream!


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