Models Own Pink Fever - NOTD

Models Own pink fever nail polish notd The formula is thin but it's smooth so it layers nicely. Like Bronze Rage, Pink Fever looks so much better in the bottle than on the nails. I haven't tried it yet but I think it'll look great layered over a black polish.


  1. It's such a pretty colour, definately a colour i would wear. I like Models Own polishes, i really should buy some more.
    I think it would look nice layered over black.

  2. This is lovely! Bet it would look amazing over black, post a pic if you try it! xx

  3. wow that is an in your face sexy colour!

  4. That colour is gorgeous! Trying to think whether I ordered it or not, I don't think I did. I bet it's the one my mum went for and I said no ha. I never go for pink polishes.

  5. This is a lovely shiny colour, looks really nice x


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