Week In Photos 051

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001 The weather has been noticeably colder this week. We've still had a bit of sun (with a horribly humid day yesterday) but when it's not shining you can definitely tell it's nearly, if not already, Autumn. As much as I pretend I like summer and want dream to live somewhere hotter, I really really love winter. It couldn't come sooner.
002 I can't wait to wear thicker tights, boots, coat, hat, scarf and gloves with many layers on underneath. Also I hope it snows a lot more this year, Liverpool didn't seem to get as much as the rest of the UK did.
003 With this weather change, I've altered the colour scheme of my blog. I've come across this amazing site, which you probably already know about, but I think I'm going to write a separate post on it. It's definitely made my colour scheme choosing much easier. I'm really happy with the layout and design of my blog and I love that I can easily change a few colours round and it creates something totally different. I'm thinking a change of colours with each season?

004 Finally finished One Day. I liked it but didn't love it. I hated the end and didn't like it being based on only one day each year. I really liked the characters but don't think I want to see the film, the acting looks awful from the trailer.
005 Managed to get free tickets to see Batman Live on Thursday, I've got a post scheduled to go up on Tuesday with photos.
What have you been up to this week?


  1. Absolutely love the close up of the flowers [carnations right?] stunning! x

  2. Ohh I want to read One day but I can't find it in Croatia :/ and that Batman sign is sooo cool hahaahh xxx

  3. I love your blog's new colours!xx


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