Week In Photos 050

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001 Came back home to find a little tomato growing! This will be the first one so hopefully it'll turn red so we can eat it. A week later we have another little one growing with some more flowers which hopefully will turn into even more tomatoes.
002 Seen a lot of the cat this week and my cousin came up for a few days.
003 After having it for 3 years, my mum decided to tell me she'd bought me a Polaroid camera. Why she kept this from me for that long is unknown! We have some expired film so I took one of the tomato and the cat. You can't see them properly in the photo so I think I'm going to scan them in.
004 Thursday evening we went up to the top of the Anglican Cathedral, you can see more photos on my post from yesterday.


  1. Awww cute cat! x


  2. Oh wow, I used to have a Polaroid, I think I used my film up & then never could afford a new one, haha
    great photos, I love looking through them x

  3. Love the cat shot! :)

    ug-lily.blogspot.com x


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