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models own nail polish shopping
Finally got my Models Own order from their 50% off sale. I wasn't going to order any from the sale as I was away when it started but to my surprise it was still going when I came home. I only got 10 though as some of the ones I wanted had sold out.
I'm really happy with the ones I got, some of the formulas seem a bit watery and thin but I love the colours.

Top row: Silver Fox, Scarlet Sparkle, Blue Lagoon, Lilac Dream, Slate Green.
Bottom row: Fuzzy Peach, Peach Sherbet, Peach Pufff, Vintage Pink, 3 in 1 basecoat/topcoat & gloss.

So glad I finally have a new topcoat! I only have one use left out of my mini OPI rapidry and it's going a bit gloopy. The standout polish for me is Scarlet Sparkle but I have only swatched them all on a nail wheel.

I've also finally found the perfect nail polish storage! I just need to go to Ikea to check it fits OPI's and then buy it. I'll probably write a post on it when I get it.

Did you buy anything in the Models Own sale?


  1. The promotional sale was so good! Was so generous and it definitely made everyone buy something from them, was too good to miss! I bought some nail polish, blushers and brushes and an eyeliner pencil. Have yet to try them out still. The nail polish lasts so long without chipping, i'm so impressed. I blogged about my purchases and it should still be on the first page. If not, then definitely 2nd. Pop by when you have a spare moment and let me know what you think! I think slate green and top turquoise are really similar colours. xxx

  2. Those are so lovely! I also ordered Scarlet Sparkle (so excited about it now!) and Vintage Pink. And then Juicy Jules, Grace Green and Purple Grey. Still waiting for them to be delivered though. It´s taking uber long:( x

  3. Great choices.Can you do some swatches of Slate Green and Vintage Pink please? Rachelle x

  4. love the colour fuzzy peach! scarlet sparkle it would be perfect for christmas! <3

  5. I couldn't resist ordering a few myself; I got Juicy Jules, Purple Poppy, Lemon Meringue, Fuzzy Peach, Top Turquiose and Jade Stone.
    I've stuck a quick leopard print photo using a few on my latest post, looking forward to seeing your future NOTD's :)

  6. You got some great colours there. Can't wait to see swatches.
    I am also looking for nail varnish storage, seen a few but none are right.

  7. Good choices! I was tempted myself but had to restrain due to my bank balance for that month :( Is the topcoat any good? x

  8. Ooo that vintage pink colour looks interesting!

  9. I bought a few nail polishes but kind of regret not getting Scarlet Sparkle! I already have a nail polish like it but it chips really easily D: x

  10. I picked up a few bits in the sale,. Check them out here :

    I wish I'd got a few of the colours you have purchased now though, never mind I'm sure there will be another sale in the future :)
    Stay Classy


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