Interior Inspiration 001

I can't wait to have my own place to decorate it to my own tastes. Just having one bedroom as my own space isn't enough! I'm not one for much colour, I like detail. This comes across in what I wear too. Here's just some of the photos I've got saved on my computer from tumblr.

I love light blue walls, white furniture with hints of black and grey, photo frames covering the walls full of art and memories, books on display and bunting. I already have a box for when I do get a place of my own and I love buying little things to fill it. 


  1. How funny, I have an interior series coming up soon as we are currently saving for a house and i'm dreaming of how I will decorate each room. It's lovely to see what other people like when it comes to their homes. You've got some lovely pictures on here :) Hope you manage to get your own place soon :) xx

  2. all these photos are ones I would pick out myself, simple colours but with lots of little pretty details :)
    really tempted to decorate my room after seeing this!! x


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