Boudoir Prive September Box

boudoir prive september box 13 boudoir prive september box 12 boudoir prive september box 11 boudoir prive september box 09 boudoir prive september box 10 boudoir prive september box 08 boudoir prive september box boudoir prive september box 07 boudoir prive september box 06 boudoir prive september box 05 boudoir prive september box 04 boudoir prive september box 03 boudoir prive september box 02 Really impressed with this months Boudoir Prive box! It was definitnely worth the wait and I haven't tried any of the brands before.
Mai Couture Blot & Bronze - I really like blotting sheets but not so sure having a bronze powder on it would really work. I just imagine it'll be really patchy, going to give it a go though.

Zoya Neeka nail polish - I was really hoping we'd get a Zoya nail polish in this months box. I'm definitely a nail polish junkie and I love this colour. It's one that I would have picked out if I had a choice of colours. I love that you get the nail swatches of the rest of the collection too, there's a couple others that I'd like.

Tropic Body Smooth - This smells great! Not 100% sure what it's meant to do. On the leaflet it sounds like a hand scrub but I'm not sure if it's meant for the body. Will be looking on the website for more info but I'm intrigued.

Cargo Boogie Night eyeliner in blue - This looks like a gorgeous liner but not sure how much use it'll get. I'm not a huge fan of coloured eyeliner but I love the silver sparkle.

Colbert Eye Cream - I'm giving this £90 eye cream to my mum!

Macadamia Hair Oil - This was another one I really wanted to try! I love hair oils, especially the V05 one. Will probably do a review on this one once I've used it for a while.

Agent Provocateur L'argent perfume - I haven't tried this yet as my hey fevers really bad today so I can't smell to well. Going to wait till another day.

Overall I'm really impressed! In my opinion both boxes have been really great and have all introduced me to new brands which is what I wanted in the first place. There is also a 1/2 price code for next months box which is 1box12 which is valid until Sunday.


  1. That bronze/blot sounds really weird, love to see a review of it. Overall, looks pretty good! xx

  2. @Lauren, I know! Haven't heard of something like that before :) xx

  3. @Sophie, thanks! I love it too, definitely a good change :) xx

  4. Hi Katy! Thanks for this blog post-i really like the detail on the photos-short and sweet review! We can't wait to see your October Beauty Box review.


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