Accessorize Pink Spice - NOTD

NOTD accessorize pink spice nail polish 01 NOTD accessorize pink spice nail polish 02 I was actually pretty disappointed with this nail polish from Accessorize. It's part of the illusions line and I have Aztec which I love but this one just doesn't match what I was hoping it to be. In the bottle it looks like a pink-red shimmer with a yellow/golden duo-chrome to it. When applied the yellow/golden-ness just doesn't show up. It also needs 3 coats to become opaque but luckily doesn't bubble. It's a really nice polish but just didn't live up to expectations. 


  1. This polish is AWESEOME!

  2. I've been tempting to pick one of these up, sounds like Aztec is a good choice :)

  3. this is so pretty! reminds me of christmas :) x


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