Week In Photos 048

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001 This week has been rather productive! I've cleaned and tidied the house, done the laundry, packed for next week and even made a pair of trousers. No photo evidence though apart from the cat sitting in a cardboard box.

002 Tomorrow I am heading down south for a week of volunteering. I'm going to Monkton Wyld to help out with a theatre family week and the up keep of the building and grounds. I haven't been here since I was 11 (now 21!) but as a family we used to go every year, sometimes even twice since I was 4. I have such great memories of the place, especially the tree swing. It's such a great place, even at a young age all the kids where just let loose to do as they wanted. We made candles, lanterns, milked the cows and so much more. This is what started walking around in bare foot and probably the cause of my dry feet now.
I didn't mind not going aboard each year as I absolutely loved coming here. I remember when we first used to get there each year and feeling really shy that I didn't know any of the kids. But then 5 minutes later we were all best friends, running around screaming and having so much fun.

003 I've added in some photos from when I was younger at Monkton, I can't find any others though. Will have to dig them up! In the tree one with all the kids, I'm the one with my back to the camera! My hair is probably the same length in this photo as it is now, crazy!
If I have kids, I can't wait to bring them here each year!

004 I'm away Monday to Monday so I won't be here to check comments or reply to emails but will do when I get back. I've scheduled some NOTD's for the week as they're pretty easy to do in advance. I would have loved to have some guests posts but I just didn't have the time to have organised it. I only found out I was volunteering two weeks ago!

What have you been up to this week?


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