Week In Photos 047

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001 What a strange and long week it's been! I'm glad to see the weekend!

002 Made some pink lemonade yesterday for the first time. Never made lemonade before but it was surprisingly easy. Don't know why I thought it would be complicated. 1 1/4 cups of sugar dissolved in one cup of water, mix with 1 cup of lemon juice (freshly squeezed) and 1 cup of cranberry juice. Then dilute in 3 cups of water. Chill and drink. So nice! Just wish the weather would have been nice then it would have been perfect.

003 Today has been a surprisingly productive day! I've tidied my bedroom and other rooms in the house, done all the dishes and washing. Now spending a few hours watching teen wolf.

004 Excited that I've only got a week till I go away volunteering! I'm only going down south but I haven't been there for about 10 years! I'm packing my wellies, just hope I don't need them!

What have you been up to this week?

P.S The two winners of the Lovefilm gift cards are Jade and Sophie, I've emailed you both :)


  1. I haven't had pink lemonade in ages! We usually make it for our bbq's but we've not had a garden party this year due to bad weather! Gutted! Summer has been pants this year :( x

  2. I've been putting off making my own lemonade for the same reason - going to have to give it a go tomorrow!! x

  3. I WON?!? Thank you so so much, I'll email you right away! xxx

  4. I never thought to make lemonade as it seems complicated but it seems pretty straight forward, so may have a try when i get time.
    Cleaning is very tiring, i spent most of yesterday doing laundry, that i had been putting off.


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