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001 This week has been pretty lazy. My eczema's been really bad so I haven't done much. The start of the week was spent in the garden picking the first lot of blackberries. So nice! Think we're going to make an apple and blackberry crumble like we do each year. Just need the apples to be ready to pick! Also ate my first strawberry of the year from my little plant.

Blog I love: Vivatramp - my current Sunday read! I love her little mustache favicon :)

What have you been up to this week?


  1. We have a load of untamed blackberry bushes in our field and have managed to pick loads already :D The horse and dogs have figured out they're tasty and actually eat them off the bush. I thought the thorns would hurt them but it doesn't phaze them at all :o Great photos too, although I'd be too scared to go near any wasps! :P xxx

  2. @Whimsical Wolf, haha luckily we don't have any horses or dogs! But the birds do love them, not good for us! They're not actually wasps or bee's, they're hover flies surprisingly :) xx

  3. Amazing photography. The nails are amazing too and the cake looks sooooo good! Could do with a cake right now! x

  4. Love the nails, so cute and great photography

  5. Such gorgeous photos! Aww, thank you so so much for the mention. It means everything :D Love your blog!


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