Eek Nails & Models Own Nyla Nude - NOTD

Inspired by Barbara and Megan's videos I thought I'd try out the Giles Eek nails. Excuse how weird my hand looks in the photo! I wanted to post both ways but it looks a little odd! Also excuse the little dents in my nails. My mini OPI Rapidry has officially ran out/dried up but wanted to use the last little bits.

I wanted to use a similar colour to Barbara and Megan but one I hadn't shown on the blog. I went with Models Own Nyla Nude for the base. A colour I don't like on it's own but works well with the little eyes. I don't think the colour works with my skin tone and the formula is horrible.

Also using Models Own Snow White for the first time on the blog. I bought this for nail art and it's great. It's pretty opaque with one coat so you don't need to layer it. I used the nail polish brush for these parts.

I then used the Models Own Wah Nails black nail art pen, the nib part, to do the dots. Next time I might do the eyes a little different, with them looking a bit more like this. Also going to try other colours. I'm thinking baby blue or lilac.

I'm not going to do a tutorial as Megan's is great, just follow the link I posted at the top.

Have you tried Eek nails?


  1. I was also inspired by their videos and did this last night.
    I also blogged about it today - SNAP!

  2. This is too cutee I was thinking about doing this with different colours on each nail an different eyes; wide eyes, winking eye, girl eye...


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