MUA Professional Eyeshadow Trio

MUA professional eyeshadow trio chocolate box pink sorbet innocence

Ever since MUA released their new Professional products I've read a lot of reviews about the Heaven & Earth palette but I haven't heard anything about the eyeshadow trio's. I thought I'd show them a bit of love as they're really great.

From first glance, they look exactly like the Bourjois trio's. I haven't tried these so I can't compare them any further than that though. These MUA one's only cost £2.50 compared to Bourjois' £7.99. Bargain!

I have three of the more neutral set's. There's a blue set, purple set, green set and a smoky set as well.
MUA professional eyeshadow trio innocence
MUA professional eyeshadow trio chocolate box
Chocolate Box
MUA professional eyeshadow trio pink sobet
Pink Sorbet
Out of the three I have, all of the eye shadows are shimmery. Not glitter though and I haven't noticed any fall out. They're soft and creamy, blend well and are just nice to apply. Not what I expected considering the price! Innocence is the perfect trio for traveling. You have a highlight, lid colour and crease colour in one palette.  When I first looked at Pink Sorbet (I ordered online) I was a bit unsure if I'd like it. I don't normally do pink eye shadow. The two bottom colours are actually more champagne than pink when swatched. The perfect highlight or all over lid colour.

MUA professional eyeshadow trio chocolate box pink sorbet innocence swatches
Swatches l-r: Innocence, Chocolate Box, Pink Sorbet
Have you tried these yet?


  1. your right, all i ever hear about is the heaven and earth palette, which i do want to try, but i think i'll give these a go too! there gorgeous! :) x

  2. So pretty! I wish I had access to MUA. I've been lusting over the Heaven & Earth palette swatches.

  3. I agree, these are great products especially for the price, I love them for travel or with them being so cheap I just leave one at peoples houses for when I stay ie: my mums or bf's. I did a blogpost on them a while ago, go check it out please :)
    Stay Classy xox

  4. Ah! I kind of want to go and get one of these trios right now. I have a few of their Professional Palettes and they are really amazing.

  5. I've been meaning to nab one of these for a while, but they're always sold out when I head into Superdrug, I guess for good reason!
    The swatches are really great, though, thanks for sharing! xx

  6. These look great! I love a bit of shimmer, especially for the price! x


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